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Local knowledge when you travel

European cities have a lot to offer and are very diverse. One city might be known for it’s create architecture, whilst another is more seen as a ‘Mecca’ for musicians and artists. One thing they have in common and that is the fact that most of them have a lot of history going on and […]

Exploring Dinosaur Island

Hear the term ‘Dinosaur Island’ and images of the jungle-covered isle from the film The Lost World will probably spring to mind. At any rate, you probably won’t think of the Isle of Wight, although – drumroll, please – this actually is Dinosaur Island. While this nickname is a relatively recent development, its history does […]

Morocco’s Magic: Endless Travel Fun

  ATLAS MOUNTAINS The Atlas Mountains offer endless fun to any outdoor loving person; from the southern Anti-Atlas ranges that give you fantastic views of the golden desert to the snow capped High Atlas Mountains dotted with quaint Berber villages where you can stay in traditional Atlas Mountains hotels. The Anti-Atlas ranges are less visited […]

Exciting Destinations for Family Holidays

BARCELONA Barcelona is a popular party destination, but there is a lot for the family to enjoy: from the fantastic beaches lined up with fine family friendly resorts to the wander of Gaudi’s fairytale architecture. The best place to start your trip is strolling along the mile long colorful Las Ramblas where you will enjoy […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Culture Shock

Dealing with culture shock can be a surprisingly difficult challenge for some people that are either traveling abroad for the first time, or delving into a much more foreign culture than what they’ve experienced in the past. It’s tough to prepare for the first steps out of the modern, air-conditioned Delhi airport, when the noise […]

Staying Sane on the Road

Long term travel can be one of the most liberating, refreshing, and consciousness-expanding experiences that you choose to undergo in your lifetime. But while it has so much positive potential, it can often take a toll on your mental health. Feelings of homesickness and culture shock can be overwhelming, especially when combined with the stress […]

5 Rainy Holiday Websites

It happens to everyone at some point: the trip of a lifetime, meticulously plans, comes to a shuddering halt due to an unexpectedly early onset of the monsoon season, which quickly takes on Biblical proportions and threatens to sweep away anyone not hiding under the bed in their a guesthouse. Rainy days trapped in the […]