• Singapore: Tour The City Like a Local This Year

    Traveling is always an exciting time, and one of the best places to visit this year is Singapore. Singapore has so many different things to offer in regards to tourists, and there is definitely something here for everyone. Of course, there are those common places that most tourists visit and can get through in a day. Most of that being the couture shopping that Singapore is known for, but thankfully there’s a great selection of alternative attractions to see too! Whether you enjoy cultural sights, shopping, or just some fun and relaxation, you will be sure to find it in wonderful Singapore.

    Artwork at the Ritz-Carlton

    It is a little crazy to be visiting a hotel, instead of an actual museum, or is it? The artwork at the Ritz-Carlton is one of the greatest collections there is to see of modern and contemporary art, and it is virtually unknown to tourists!

    Chinatown Heritage Center

    When visiting Singapore, of course there are museums and other places to look into the past of this city, but everyone should make it to the Chinatown Heritage Center. Here, visitors can admire the different 19th and early 20th century scenes that are available to see, and it also introduces you to the culture of the city too! You can even shop there and collect little souvenirs.


    Located in the former red-light district of Singapore, Geylang has a lot of history to offer. Walking the streets, you will be introduced to the wonderful architecture, as well as experience some of the modern elements of the city too. One of the best things to do ere is try the local food.

    The Camden Medical Center

    If shopping and couture is your forte, you’ve come to the right place. Being big in fashion and appearance, Singapore has a nice little cosmetic secret. Stop in the Camden Medical Center for some of the latest skin treatments, from expert medial advancements to traditional and herbal medicines.

    Haji Lane

    Tucked away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, Haji Lane has tons of little secret shops to offer the savvy shopper. Of course, you will find a vast variety of couture shops in popular places, but here, it is really a shopper’s dream come true!

    Funan Digitalife Mall

    If electronics are what excites you, try the Funan Digitalife Mall. Take advantage of the most hi-tech devices for about 10-20% cheaper than you would at other shops!

    The White Rabbit

    This restaurant gives you a little history, a lot of beauty, and some really great Euro comfort food. Once a historical church, this building was renovated to be a beautiful restaurant, keeping much of the church’s aesthetic design.


    The nightlife in Singapore can be compared to that of New York, and a wonderful place to see it is by visiting Zouk. This amazing nightclub will fill your night with loud music, flashing strobes, and tons of dancing. No matter where you party in Singapore however, you’re bound to have an amazing time!

    If you thinking of how to get to Singapore or how to get around here are some handy tips. When in Singapore you have several options for getting around including MRT, bus and taxi.


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  • What type of holiday is right for you?

    Investing in a holiday is often one of those things that the majority of us don’t get to do that often. With work, personal taste, time constraints and financial details it is imperative to find a holiday that satisfies everything that we want in a holiday, so we can get maximum enjoyment from the experience. Here are some factors to think about when considering what type of holiday is right for you.

    Cruise ship deck

    Time Available

    If you are under time constraints then you probably won’t be booking a 3 month safari, or an open ended ticket to see the world. Working out how much time you have and choosing a holiday that fits into your schedule is the best way to ensure that you are getting maximum enjoyment for what you are paying for. Some holiday ideas that might fit that bill are cruises, bus tours and other short term holiday ideas.


    If money is not flowing as abundantly as you would like it to then you will need to choose a holiday that fits in with your budget. Conversely if you have a large amount of money at your disposal then why not splash out and do something big! Working out what you want, and what you can afford and then shopping around for the best deal is a great way to ensure that you are getting the best holiday you can for your money. There are some great Cruiseabout specials available that will give you a great holiday without breaking the bank.

    What Interests You?

    If you don’t like walking, then you probably won’t be interested in going on a trek of the Himalayas, and if you aren’t a fan of the snow then you wouldn’t think of going on a snow trip. Working out what interests you will give you a few clues about what sort of holiday might be the best one for you.

    Travel Companion Vs Solo Adventure

    Some of us love spending time by ourselves, while others need to be around other people. If you are a person who is happy to head off on your own on an adventure then you will probably be fine with whatever holiday you choose. For some of us we would prefer to have a companion to travel with so we might be happy to do anything as long as we are doing it with friends, or family.

    What did you love/hate about your last holiday?

    If you take the time to think about your last holiday and what you loved/hated about it you will be able to get a good idea about what things you might want to experience in your next holiday. Planning a holiday is one of the most exciting parts of the trip so relax, and take the time to work out what you really want in a holiday, so that you will be sure to have an awesome time whatever you do!

    By Natalie Brown

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  • Chamonix: A Brief Insight Into This Popular Ski Resort

    Chamonix is a destination that is famous all over the world and it attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. The natural beauty surrounding Chamonix is described by many as “breath-taking.”   This amazing resort is ideal to take a holiday in both the Winter and Summer months and the following is a brief insight into this popular ski resort.

    images (2)


    Chamonix is situated  1,035 above sea level in the north-westerly area of the French Alps. It is just 15km away from both the Swiss and Italian borders. When taking the journey from Geneva airport to Chamonix, you will be travelling north west of the Alps and will be in very close proximity to the Swiss border. Chamonixfirst.com offer a reliable transfer option between Geneva airport and Chamonix. As it located in a glacial valley, Chanomix provides visitors with stunning scenery all throughout the year and it is suitable to holiday here during both the Winter and the Summer months. Nestled between two magnificent and impressive mountain ranges, the town itself boasts some of the most amazing Alpine scenery that the world has to offer.

    Where to Stay

    There are many smaller villages situated on the outskirts of Chamonix that are still referred to as Chamonix. You should do some research into the area in general and let your desires and interests depict which area you will visit.  There are both pros and cons to every area but the pros always outweigh the cons. If you decide to stay in a chalet in the center of town or one in the surrounding villages, you will not miss out and will still gain access to the best lifts that the country has to offer. However, it has to be noted that if you’re after exciting nightlife, central Chamonix is the place to be.

    Things to Do

    Chamonix offers activities ranging from world-class skiing to top class cookery classes. Whether it’s a relaxing getaway or an adventurous filled holiday you’re looking for, Chamonix will not disappoint on any level. It is obviously famous for its exhilarating Winter sports that include skiing, snowboarding and both hiking and biking activities. In recent years, it has become more popular for those who are looking for a slightly more chilled out holiday and offer those visitors cookery courses that will give you an insight into some of the most tasty and tantalizing foods that French cuisine has on offer.  The food served in Chamonix restaurants is of a very high standard and must maintain that level of excellence in order to endure the competition.

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  • Take a Self Catering St. Ives Holiday

    One of the best places to take a holiday in the UK is without a doubt in St. Ives. This beautiful landscape near the Western most edge of the UK offers a wide variety of activities for all walks of life. It has a beautiful coastline that is good for enjoying a beautiful relaxing walk or for the more daring that want to try out the new adventure sport of coasteering. There is so much to do in this friendly town, all the way through to Autumn making it a great option if your looking for cheap holidays in October so the only thing left to do is decide where you want to stay. If you are looking for a self catering St. Ives holiday then there is really only one choice that you have.

    st ives

    Every destination in the world offers hotels or motels. While these can be a great accommodation, they always tend to get a bit crowded and make people stir crazy. This can be especially true for stays of a week or longer. The same goes for hostels. While these are great for solo travelers or a group of younger kids they are not ideal for a family or a couple trying to get some quiet comfortable quarters. What you can find here, for this holiday, is St. Ives apartments that will be all yours for as long as you need.

    The best part of self catering your holiday is that you have complete freedom and autonomy from others. You have your own space and can make it feel like home. The biggest draws of hotels is that you have a staff at you disposal to help with anything you need from dinner recommendations to reservations. At St. Ives they offer a concierge service that can take care of all that for you too. They will even go as far as to stock the refrigerator for you upon arrival so there is no delay in enjoying your vacation.

    The views from all of the apartment choices are something to be marveled. There is no feeling like waking up, walking out to your balcony, and seeing one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The way the waves crash into the cliffs is surreal and is a sight that will never get old. You can choose all different types of accommodation that may suit a couple better than a family so make sure you do some research before booking. You can even get a room that comes equipped with a telescope so you can gaze at the stars, up close, on a clear night.

    These apartments are luxurious, hassle free, and can be a good fit for any type of group looking for any type of holiday. Don’t wait, scoop up one of these luxury apartments before its too late!

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  • Faro Beaches & Nightlife

    Faro is a lively and charming city, a superb choice of destination if you like to be in the heart of things. As a student and tourist town, it has a fun and vibrant nightlife, but there are many quieter bars and restaurants if you want to take it easy.

    Faro is the gateway to the Algarve, the dramatic stretch of southern Portuguese coastline that fronts the wild Atlantic Ocean. At times spectacular and rugged, at others beautifully tranquil, it cannot be argued that the Algarve is not incredibly beautiful. Many visitors do not linger in Faro but head immediately to one of the seaside resorts.

    Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.47.34 PM

    There is an argument to be made for this approach, especially if you are short on time. But Faro itself makes for a rewarding experience in itself, whether you are simply passing through or have chosen the city as your main destination. Take advantage of car hire to make the most of your time in Faro and get to places further afield.

    Faro’s beaches can compete with the best in the Algarve. A series of sandspits, large deposits of sand that project into the sea, provide protection from the Atlantic waves; this makes the waters calm and safe for swimming in.

    The beaches are nothing if not diverse. Faro beach itself, near the airport, is a busy and vibrant stretch of golden sand, lined by shops, cafes, bars and hotels. Colourful boats rock in the gentle waves, and there are opportunities for various water sports, including jet-skiing, windsurfing and water-skiing. It’s a great beach for those that like access to great facilities and don’t mind the crowds.

    The sand spit island beaches, such as Ilha Deserta, Ilha da Armona and Ilha da Culatra, lie offshore and can be reached only by ferry or water taxi. Ilha Deserta has over six miles of glorious golden sands, so there is plenty of room to find your own spot. It is part of the Ria Formosa National Park, an important wetland site for birds, and amongst them you can see flamingos and terns. There is a restaurant and sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired if you are in the mind for relaxation, or you can follow the nature trail and take a dip in the warm, shallow waters. Ilha Deserta, as its name suggests, is the ideal spot if you are looking for peace and relaxation.

    Ilha da Armona, another large, sweeping beach, has superb sand dunes that kids will love, and there are plenty of cafes and facilities, and even a campsite. Ilha da Culatra has a great sandy beach and is one of the few sandspit islands to be permanently populated; there are several cafes and beautiful bougainvillea-clad houses as well as a lighthouse. Unfortunately, ferries do not connect the islands together, but it is possible to travel between them by water taxi.

    Spending a day at the beach can be tiring business, and in true Portuguese style you may want to have a lazy siesta before hitting the town. Faro is a superb spot to try out authentic Portuguese cuisine and join in the later revelries. The Rua do Prior and surrounding area is the centre of the action, and there are many clubs and bars here to choose from. Try Havana Club for a Latin vibe or Millennium III and Dux for top DJs and live music.

    While the Old Town buzzes with activity at night, the Marina is a great place for a more relaxed meal, a gentle evening stroll or a leisurely drink beside the gently lapping waters. Try out freshly caught seafood and a local wine or dry white port served over ice in traditional style. Just beware of medronho, made from the arbutus fruit – it’s known as fire water for good reason!

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  • Unknown Gems of England’s North-East

    In any destination, there will be attractions that are well known to the locals but rarely heard of further afield. In my opinion, discovering these turns a good break into an excellent one – and I believe this is especially the case when you’re on a staycation. After all, it’s really easy to think you know your country like the back of your hand, so discovering new things and realising there is still so much to learn is an invigorating experience. Recently, I discovered the north-east of England has a lot to offer in this regard.

    images (3)

    Below, you’ll find my list of the area’s most interesting little-known gems. And if these inspire you to visit the north-east and you want to know more about things like local hotels and other attractions, you can find out practical information here.

    The Victoria Tunnel

    My first hidden gem can be found on Stepney Bank in the Ouseburn Valley. A fascinating slice of history, the Victoria Tunnel dates back to 1842, when it was built to help transport coal for loading on to ships. In more recent years, it played an important role in World War II when it was converted into an air raid shelter.

    These days, it is both undergoing restoration work and open for public tours – but you do need to book well ahead of time. You can do this through the Ouseburn Trust, which offers guided tours – complete with audio and visual effects – all year round.

    The Biscuit Factory

    Over on Stoddart Street in Shieldfield, Newcastle, is the Biscuit Factory – a unique art gallery. Housed in an old Victorian factory that’s been fantastically converted for the purpose, this is a commercial gallery, so you can actually buy the pieces on display here.

    What’s more, the fact that it has a lovely cafe and an interesting programme of workshops means that it’s got a particularly great atmosphere, so it’s somewhere that art aficionados are guaranteed to fall in love with.

    Cullercoats Bay

    Next on my list is Cullercoats Bay, which I’ve included for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a lovely little beach that’s especially great for families, enclosed as it is between two piers. Secondly, it featured in the artwork of Winslow Homer (an American artist), and whether you’re an art lover or not it’s always lovely to explore landscapes that have been a source of inspiration.

    While you’re here, make sure you check out the south of the bay, which is where the local fishing and leisure boats launch from. Other things to see include a Victorian lifeboat station and the Fisherman’s Watch House.

    Tyneside Cinema

    Last up we have Tyneside Cinema, which is a real treasure. This Grade II listed building is the only newsreel theatre in the UK that is still running as a full-time cinema. Its original Art Deco design has been beautifully restored, so coming here is a memorable experience.

    What I really love about this place, though, is that it’s also got an excellent programme of screenings that include world cinema titles as well as the usual Hollywood blockbusters. It has four screens in total, in addition to two bars and, rather charmingly, a traditional coffee room.


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  • Take a Multi – Centre Holiday This Year

    It is that time of year where many people are heading off for their summer vacation. But there are many people that are only in the planning stage for the summer holidays, and are not sure where to go – So why settle on one destination?


    Have you ever heard of a multi centre holiday? In a nutshell, this is a holiday where you travel to more than one location to vacation.

    Choosing any one holiday destination can be a hard, and sometimes cruel decision to have to make. Maybe it is a case that you have whittled the choice down to two or more destinations, and cannot pick between the two. Or maybe it is a thing that you want to go to one place, and another in the family is determined that you all go to another. This is where Multi Centre holidays are a God send.

    With a multi centre holiday, you are not bound to just the one destination – rather you can spend part of the holiday in one destination, and then travel to another again at a later time. And another after that, if the mood takes you, when booking! This is what is great about this kind of holiday – it will settle any arguments there have been about where to go, as you can all go to the destination of your choice. This way, everybody is a winner – what could be better?

    If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you and your family, why not book a Multi Centre Holiday with Trailfinders?

    Multi centre holidays are getting exceedingly popular with tourists these days, and it is for good reason too. Many people travelling to the likes of the United States, Australia or Asia opt to book a multi centre trip, as it does not limit their travel experience, and they can take in as much as possible, to really get a sense of what a region is like. Something that is hard to do when tied down to just one city when on holiday.

    These are just some of the reasons why you should consider taking a multi centre holiday. However, a little research will show you all the possibilities that are available to you in relation to multi centre holidays. There are holiday ideas to suit almost everybody, and you will be delighted to find just how affordable these types of holidays can be!

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  • The Unique Cuisine of Sicily

    Italy, as a whole, is known for it’s amazing and unique cuisine, dishes that are instantly recognisable as Italian. Nowhere is this truer than on the Island of Sicily.

    Italian food has spread across the globe, and for good reason. You can get a bowl of spaghetti, or grab a pizza in any of the 4 corners of the Earth.

    Sicily is blessed with almost perfect conditions for produce growth, with the powerful sun,  fertile volcanic soil, and an irrigation system introduced originally introduced by Arab immigrants. All these things come together to enable the production of many different types of crops, which are full of flavour.

    If you are planning on taking a journey to Sicily, you will soon discover that Feasting is a hugely important feature of Sicilian life, to this day. There is scarcely a wedding, birth, baptism or first Holy Communion without an associated feast!

    Durum Wheat is one of the main products of Sicily,which is used then to make one of Italy’s most famous dishes – pasta.

    Another product which is featured all throughout the Island is Citrus Fruits. Amazingly, 62% of Citrus Farms in Italy are on the Island of Sicily. Qualityvillasitaly.co.uk has more information available on this topic, and more.

    You are sure to find on your visit to Sicily, that there is an abundance of Fish based dishes. Being an Island, you will get some of the freshest fishes dishes you have ever experienced locally.  Dishes including fish such as sardines and anchovies can usually be found through March to September, and the likes of squid, prawns, crabs and mussels can be obtained year round.

    Olive Oil is a large industry in Sicily, and it is the 3rd largest oil producing region in Italy. Olives were first brought to Sicily by the Greeks thousands of years ago.

    A unique dish to keep your eyes peeled for is “Arancini”, which is a deep fried ball of rice, which is stuffed. Rice was introduced to Sicily by the Arabs, when Spain and Sicily  was occupied by the Arabs.

    Finally, cheese is in plentiful supply in Sicily, and some of the more unique types are caciocavallo, a cows milk cheese, which can be enjoyed either fresh, matured or smoked. Another type available throughout the region is pecorino, a sheep’s milk cheese, which can be eaten fresh, or at a later time.

    Those are some ideas as to the unique style and types of foods and cuisines available to you in Sicily.

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  • What types of wine tours are available?

    For the first timer, it may come as a surprise that there is more than one way to experience European wineries. In fact, there are many options to suit your interests, itinerary, budget and lifestyle, so if you’re thinking about a trip to Europe to taste some special wines and enjoy the food and scenery this summer, take a moment to consider your options:

    Wine Tour

    Package tour

    Perhaps the most obvious, and possibly the easiest winery visit option is to go on a package tour. This might be a private or group tour, and has many pros: accommodation and transport is usually included, and you get the expert advice and inside knowledge from your experienced guide. This is useful for those who would rather leave the driving to someone else – especially if you plan to enjoy the wines on offer!


    Self-drive tour

    If you want a more free-form experience, consider getting planning a self-drive itinerary. A winery expert will be able to assist with the planning of the best route and stop-offs, sharing tips on the must-taste wines and helping with booking accommodation along the way.


    Cycle tour

    For the energetic, a popular summer option is to cycle between vineyards through the beautiful countryside. A tailor-made cycle tour will provide you with detailed map (you don’t want to be relying on a smartphone!). Seek advice on what regions are most suitable for cycling and the rest of the nitty-gritty details so you can relax and enjoy the ride.



    What is wine without food, or food without wine? For those foodies who can’t do without either, a gourmet travel experience is a must. Some wineries offer tasting menus with matched wines – perfect for a decadent long lunch in a truly picturesque setting. You will also learn about regional wine-making techniques and characteristics, as well as signature dishes and produce from the area, and impress all your food-lover friends.


    Luxury travel

    If you’re looking for a luxury option, there is luxury aplenty available in Europe – stay in stately 18th Century châteaux, castles, five-star hotels, architect-designed houses ,visit the birthplaces of the most revered names in wine – Krug, Moët & Chandon, Bollinger, Dom Pérignon – and eat at Michelin-star restaurants.


    Vivienne Egan writes for tailor-made wine tour operators SmoothRed.





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  • Best 5 Beaches in St. Martin

    There are few places in the world that are as beautiful as St. Martin. Finding a beach on this small caribbean island is not a problem at all. The problem might be deciding which beach to go to. All of the beaches offer a different environment to its visitors. Some have a good bar scene, some are isolated, some are popular, some offer water sports, but they all are picturesque. It doesn’t stop there, there are stunning St. Martin villas that can offer you your own private stretches of beach and a private home to have during the week. This can be much more enjoyable than sharing a hotel with hundreds of other guests. Finding the perfect stretch of beach can be tough, but lucky for you heres a quick guide!images-106

    Orient Bay

    This is a hotspot in St. Martin. One of the most popular and well known beaches in St. Martin, Orient Bay Beach is for those who really enjoy a party. This is the perfect place to let loose and have a good time. It is fully equipped with a wide range of amenities like restaurants, shops, and water sport options. The true culture of St. Martin is embraced on this beach as clothing is optional, fair warning!

    Happy Bay

    As the name suggests, Happy Bay is the perfect place to be happy. It is still untouched by tourist amenities and is only accessible by a ten minute hike through the woods. The hike is worth it as the secluded beach with white sand is lined with coconut trees. This gives it a true authentic Caribbean feel.

    Friars’ Bay

    This is another popular beach destination but more family friendly than Orient Bay. The biggest draw to this beach is its the two famous restaurants. Friars Bay Beach Cafe and Kali’s Beach bar are both perfect restaurants to enjoy the culture of the island. During the day they are both relaxing places where beach goers can grab a drink and some food. At night on the other hand, both places turn into party spots with rock and reggae filling the air.

    Grand-Case Bay

    The beaches at Grand Case Bay are located in the middle of the fishing village where it gets its name. It is a very long beach, providing lots of space for its visitors. There are several gourmet restaurants in the area and there are also smaller traditional eateries called lolos. It is definitely recommended to eat at one of the smaller lolos for the chance to try traditional St. Martin food. This is also a great diving location as divers can explore the incredible Creole Rock.

    Pinel Island

    This is a two for one deal as the small island off the east coast of St. Martin has two beaches. The island is named after the pirate Pinel, who tried to take the larger St. Martin but was beaten back by its inhabitants and crashed on what is now the island named after him. The beach on the west side of the island, facing St. Martin, is smooth and has calm waters. This is the more relaxing family friendly side. The east side, facing the open water, is more rocky and a good place to nature at work with waves continually crashing onto the shore. Getting to this island costs less than $10 USD and is a 10-minute boat ride from the pontoon in Cul-de-Sac.




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