• Thinking Of A Family Holiday


    Going on a holiday as a family is not always the easiest decision to make in the world, especially when getting 3 or more people to go somewhere at the same time. Here are some tips for thinking ahead on your next family holiday, so sit back and enjoy some great ways to get the perfect holiday.

    Think of logistics

    Getting many people to go to the one place can be a hard challenge, but if you think of something close by you can easily reduce a lot of stress of a family holiday. You might be pleasantly surprised how close some really great holiday destinations are. You can also save a lot of money by doing this too, especially if you have a big family.

    Do your research

    There is nothing worse than not doing your research when it comes to a family holiday.  So it is best to look into all the facilities that your family wants and needs. Write down all the things that you couldn’t live without on your next holiday and then you can decide much more easily where you want to go. Sometimes a holiday may sound like a good option, but in reality it may be severely lacking if it doesn’t have all the non negotiables.

    Find variety

    No family wants to be limited by what they want to do and the best thing is to find a place that will encourage many different activities. Not only can your kids get a taste for something that they have never tried before, but they can also find out what they don’t like. This is good for planning your future holidays and eventually getting it right.

    Think of something new

    One thing that families need is definitely variety and providing a new experience for your family is the perfect way to spend time together. Because everyone will be in a completely new setting with something to do it will be a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Something new is also a great way to keep your family engaged and is a great way to keep them looking forward to great holidays with the family, rather than the same thing year in year out.

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  • Essential Tashkent Travel Tips

    Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan, and the largest city in the country. The word Tashkent directly translates to ‘stone city.’ One of my favourite things about the city are the museums and marvellous Soviet monuments. These include; Palace of Prince Romanov, a plethora or museums and theatres, Chorsu Bazaar and much more.


    It really isn’t a difficult choice choosing Tashkent as a destination for a greta holiday. The flights are cheap and you can shop around to get a great bargain at this time of year. The other fantastic pat of the city is that there is accommodation to match any budget, finding Tashkent hotels is not a difficult task. If you’re backpacking then you’ll easily be able to find a budget hostel or even splash out and stay in a top 5 star hotel.

    So once you’ve made the decision to head to to Tashkent it’s time to do your research and plan the perfect trip.


    Most European countries are granted a one month visa which they must apply for before they arrive. If you are from a neighbouring country then you will more often than not be able to get a visa on arrival. As with all visa issues it’s always best to give the embassy in your country a call to make sure you’re fully prepared.


    The local currency used in Tashkent is know as the Sum (UZS). If you want the most up to date info about the exchange rate then take a look at reputable sites such as XE. I always recommend chafing your money when you arrive in Tashkent as you will usually get the best rate on the ground.

    Time Zone

    The local time in Tashkent is 5 hours ahead of GMT, so make sure you wind your watch forward 5 hours if you’re arriving from the UK.


    Tashkent is bless with a very comfortable Mediterranean climates. In the summer you will be able to enjoy long, sunny and dry days, which are perfect for exploring the city. If you’re heading there in the winter then be sure to wrap up warm because the weather can be very cold and often snowy – personally I think every winter season should have snow and is perfect for a white christmas!

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    Menorca, The Low Key Celebrity Alternative

    The Holiday Taxis team love Menorca! For too long it has been the overlooked member of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza has its cool party vibe and Majorca has its resorts and high rises, but Menorca? It doesn’t spring to mind; and in essence that is the nub of its low key charm and the reason why it is picking up a celebrity following. In recent times celebs such as Rachel Weisz, Cesc Fabregas and Doutzen Kroes have all been spotted holidaying on its beaches, and a brief stay there makes it easy to understand why it is gaining such a following. 

    In contrast to the bigger Islands of the Balearics, Menorca has retained an authentic and traditional feel; a mix of the blessing and curse of its history. Key to this was its support for the republicans during the Spanish civil war – Menorca was the last place in Spain to fall to General Franco- and as a result he refused to allow it funding for public buildings during his reign. The result is a quiet, peaceful place that has escaped the worst excesses of hyper-tourism. Instead of the high rises seen along the Costas, Menorca is home to pretty cities where time has almost stood still.

    The mellow vibe that this brings has obvious appeal to the celebrity trying to escape the limelight and recharge their batteries. Instead of the busy nightlife elsewhere, Menorca offers more beaches than Ibiza and Majorca put together, a retreat from the world and an opportunity to watch the sun rise before the rest of Spain sees it. Being off the beaten track gives it peace and privacy, whilst its unique history and architecture make it well worth the visit.

    Its history of conquest gives Menorca a different story to the islands around it. Although authentically Catalan in language, food and culture, Menorca has been invaded by the Vandals, the Moors, the Spanish and the British. This has left it with a unique mix of cultures. In the principle town Mao (Mahon in Spanish) there are authentic Georgian buildings in amongst the more typically Spanish ones- the only examples of Georgian architecture in the whole of Spain. Today there is more regeneration and redevelopment, but it continues to be overshadowed by the rustic and the traditional, giving Ciutadella and Mahon especially a timeless, sun kissed beauty. Away from the limelight of the bigger islands, people here are happy to let the world waltz past – on Menorca there are more important things to concentrate on.

    So don’t be surprised if you hear of celebs enjoying the beaches on Menorca – and more to the point don’t be surprised if you don’t see Doutzen, Rachel, Cesc et al enjoying the opportunity to unwind out of the spotlight. Because that is the point of Menorca – a place to hide away from the stresses of the world and to simply enjoy the good things in life.


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  • Travel Guide: Machu Picchu


    When you want to go somewhere in South America, it is only natural to think of Machu Picchu when it comes to any South America Travel. There are so many things to do and see at this incredible citadel that is over 500 years old! In this article we will talk a little bit more about Machu Picchu and enjoying your first trip there and how you can make it as special as the place itself.

    machu stone


    One of the reasons that Machu Picchu is so famous is due to it being the lost city of the Inca empire. The reason it is known as this is because it was completely untouched by the Spanish when they occupied Peru, therefore it presents some very good examples of intact Inca architecture. Machu Picchu is also the most magnificent Inca ruin of all and this is reflected by the huge number of visitors each year and its status as one of the wonders of the world.

    When to go

    No matter how hard you try it will be very difficult to avoid some form of wet weather when visiting Machu Picchu, especially with damp and foggy conditions that are typical of such high altitudes. The peak tourist season runs from the end of may until August. Typically July and August are the drier months of the year and between January and February are the wettest.

    In terms of picking a time of day to see Machu Picchu, it is advisable to try and get there as early as possible. This is great, not only for avoiding the bulk of the tourists, but also for catching the most amazing sunrise you will see in your life. Any time after lunch time is when the most tourists will be arriving, so if you have anything that you really want to take some time to look at then it is best to plan your visit around this.


    The most popular options for getting to the citadel are the two day or four day trail. The four day trail is much more challenging and runs for just over 40km, but is very up and down and is recommended for hikers with some experience. Of course this journey can be made much easier by employing the help of porters to help carry your things.


    What to see

    • Temple of the Sun –  This semicircular temple is an amazing way to experience the views of the Sacred Valley. The temple is thought to house
    • Inti Watana – This unusual, multi tiered stone was believed to tether the sun in the sky in its path each day by the Incas, and was therefore very important to the sun worshipping Inca people.
    • Terraces – Machu Picchu is home to hundreds of terraces that were used for agriculture, which is quite a unique and ingenious invention given the terrain of the high mountains. These terraces have their own complex irrigation system that was typical of the Inca people.
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  • Getting The Right Hotel For Your Visit to Jakarta

    Indonesia’s Capital City Jakarta has a reputation of being busy and chaotic, in a good way. Which means you shouldn’t shy away from the exciting and thriving city. With great food, friendly people and a huge amount of culture and architecture, it’s worth spending a day or more to check out what Jakarta has to offer.

    However, because the city is a tad frantic it’s nice to get your travel arrangements and hotel planned before hand. This way when you arrive at the airport you can be comforted knowing you won’t have to rush around the streets looking for accommodation or ask a tout at the airport where a good place to stay is. This often causes frustration and will, more times than not, lead to spending a lot more than you would have had you booked in advance.

    The fastest and most efficient way of finding a hotel is using an online database that sources the best hotels based on your preferences. Taveloka has some of the largest selections of hotels in Indonesia and is a trusted resource for booking hotels online. In fact, they have over 500 hotels and reviews for Jakarta.

    Things you’ll want to consider when booking a hotel online.

    Accessibility  to/from Airport

    If you are coming in late at night or leaving early in the morning, you’re likely going to want to find a hotel that is either very close to the airport or can be reached easily. Leaving excessively early to the airport so you can sit in the back of a cab stuck traffic in traffic is nobody idea of a good time. Browsing online will help to gauge on a map how far the hotel is from the airport, many hotels will also list online whether they offer a shuttle service. Some offer this service for free and others will charge a fee.

    Nearby Attractions

    Like I said before, there is, in fact, a lot to do and see in the Capital. Visits to the National Monument or National Museum you’ll want to stay in the heart of the city. Online reviews of hotels will give their nearby attractions, districts and places to shop and eat. This is great for planning a day out around your hotel room.


    Typically hotels aren’t set up in dodgy neighbourhoods but nothing is ever one hundred percent. This is why viewing a hotel online and researching the neighbourhood, before you g0, could have great benefits. User reviews will rate the location of the hotel and often comment on how they felt about the hotels location. 


    With a huge spread of hotel prices in  Jakarta, being able to check and compare prices is important for any budget conscious traveller. Keeping the cost down on your room means more shopping, eating and entertainment. Browsing online will help you compare a range of star ratings in different locations, narrowing down the best price. you’ll also be able to see what amenities the hotel offers such as, wifi, laundry service and a pool or gym.


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  • For The Never Ending Love Of Pizza!

    Hello users! If there is something that comes along with the awesomeness of festival season and long weekend, it’s none but pizza feast. And not to mention some drool-worthy Dominos offers on pizza that we thought we will talk about them in this article.


    Go check out what’s the best offer available at Dominos today and believe us you will thank us later because it’s so nice to enjoy pizza, especially in those days when there is flat 60% discount on final bill, or BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). Imagine the combination of a cheese burst pizza slice and your favorite drink together, good heavens!

    Pizza Mania

    While there is a bunch of other pizza chains that have promotions on pizzas and other sides, what’s so special about Dominos that we have picked here? Yes, sure we’ll answer to this question. There is not one but a plethora of reasons that says why Doiminos, but one of the dominant reasons is – the fresh pan pizza price starting at Rs 49 only. Compared to other pizza aggregators like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns in India, Domino’s Pizza is ahead in sales and the number of loyal users; this is because of its mouth-watering deals. So what’s the trick to order pizza for half the price or buy 1 pizza and get 1 pizza free… Don’t worry, read the rest of this article, you’ll come to know.

    Celebration without a pizza is incomplete

    Why would you wait for a reason when an offer like this hits? Even if you are celebrating a special occasion, without pizza the celebration would be incomplete. Goodness and awesomeness of Domino’s pizza mania should never be untold. Because, you see a flavour of choices for all your pizza obsessions right here, ranging from veg extravaganza, chef’s veg wonder, cloud 9, exotic Italian varieties, veg treat choices, cheese bursts, feast pizzas on non-veg and more. Of course, there are sides as well like a lot of options in beverages, dips, breads, pasta and more.

    Would you like to get alerts on pizza offers or would like to know the latest offerings from your favorite restaurants without even browsing the web? Sign-up for buzz notification at GrabOn. This coupons and deals website lets you explore a wide range of amazing discounts on everything that you shop online.

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  • Ways learning an instrument can help you in life

    If you’re like me you wanted to learn to play an instrument for a long time. Finding the drive to take the time to learn isn’t always easy though. Sure, the thought of being able to pick up a guitar and whale out an amazing rift or sit at a piano and captivate listeners with a melodic piece should be motivation enough to get practicing and start learning. Sometimes you need more motivation than that. Here is a list of way learning to play an instrument can actually improve qualities in your life.


    Time Management

    Many times finding a tutor to improve your skills and motivate you it’s a worthwhile investment. Finding music tutors in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, or London can easily be done online. The great thing about finding a tutor is that the time spent learning will be more focused and streamlined. You won’t have distractions like checking your phone every few minutes or getting sidetracked by the TV or computer.



    You’ll find that even if you know the exact chords to play, you’ll still need to have a 6th sense on the tone, pitch, key, rhythm and tempo of your instrument. Not only that, but you will have to listen to others around you to make sure they are performing correctly.



    Starting out most are quite shy and timid about their musical abilities. With practice and starting with small performances for friends and family you can gain confidence in your ability. Once you are certain of your capabilities you can perform at venues, busk or join a band and put on concerts. It’s incredible how much your personal confidence will increase.



    When you are reading musical notes you must then applying what you’ve read to a series of body movements. Much of it is hand-eye coordination but once you really begin to practice and be able to play an instrument you will no longer need to watch where your hand are, they will just know through memory.


    Develops Team Skills

    The great thing about music is by adding more instruments you can make more interesting sounds. It’s hard to play every instrument by yourself so of course people get together and make music. In order to do this you must work with the other musician and collaborate in sticking each note to make truly beautiful music,

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    The Best Way to Share Your Travel Experiences With All of Your Friends and Family

    We all love traveling, there’s no surprise there, and while travel provides so many great experiences and memories that we want to share it isn’t always as easy as we would like. If you’re about to head out on an extensive adventure or even a road trip around your state, The Wander Kind has some advice on how you can share your experiences as you travel! Continue reading

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