Tips and Advice for Travel in Costa Rica


In order to ensure that your trip to this wonderful country is as enjoyable as possible, it’s important to remember a few basic tips. These will serve you well while you discover Costa Rica.

1. Instead of carrying a wallet or purse, you should use a money belt or fanny pack. This will prevent you forgetting where you left your money as well as preventing pickpockets from stealing it.

2. Use red taxis if you are looking to get one. These taxis have licence plates with red numbers on them along with a yellow triangle. Make sure you look at the meter when you get into the taxi to see if its set to zero. If you want to negotiate the price then you must do so before you leave.

3. Never carry around any documents like your passport. Always leave them in the safe at your hotel if possible. Also, make a few copies of your passport. This will help speed up the process of getting a new one should you end up losing the original.

4. Try and use ATM’s that are attached to banks. These ATM’s are less likely to have anything suspicious implemented in them.

5. Only exchange currency in proper exchange offices or banks. Counterfeit money is present in every country, and you run the risk of buying some if you’re unlucky enough to get scammed on the street.

6. Be wary of teamwork among street thieves. A very common trick is for one person to “accidentally” bump into you while another one steals your valuables.

7. While shopping, keep in mind that there is a 13% sales tax on all purchases. Before you make a purchases, find out if that includes the sales tax or not. And don’t be afraid to haggle and negotiate over the price.

8. Pack light clothes with natural fabrics. A raincoat or light jacket is also recommended for when it gets cold or wet. A pair of boots and long pants are a must if you intend to explode the rainforests or national parks.

9. There are no lifeguards on the beaches, so it’s best to stay out of the waters during high tide if you are a weak swimmer.

Costa Rica is a spectacular country with a wonderful culture. Just like any foreign country though, it’s necessary to know local traditions and rules.


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