Things To Consider Before You Book Your Holiday Hotel


There are those who are happy to go on package holidays where a company takes care of the details, and there are those who prefer to tailor their holidays to their needs. You might find that a package holiday is cheaper than arranging one for yourself, but they all seem to offer the same things in my opinion.


If you want to build your own holiday this year, the accommodation must come high up on your list of things to think about, after the travel arrangements. There is much to think about if you are to make the most of your destinations and stay in surroundings that suit you needs and lifestyle. Here are some things you must consider before you book your holiday hotel.



There are some beautiful hotels that are miles away from populated areas. You will need to get to it from the airport. Think about the time it will take to get there because the last thing some people need is to spend eight hours on a crowded bus or in the back of a stifling taxi. If the hotel is in an African country, for example, the roads might not be up to much either, so it could be a nightmare journey.



See if there are any reviews online that give you a clue about the quality of the food and the range of meals on the menu. If you do not like foreign cuisine, do they provide some dishes from your homeland? It will make for a miserable experience if you spend the holiday in a state of hunger.



Research the hotel online to see if the room will meets your needs. You will find a good selection of hotels here. Pay particular attention to the bathrooms. Are they up to the job? The best hotels might have a whirlpool bath where you can relax at the end of a long day of exploration.

Think about the view from the room. Most hotel suites come with patio doors that lead to a deck or balcony. Will yours overlook a construction site, or does it have an idyllic sea view?

Do the rooms have air conditioning? You could be in for some uncomfortable nights if they don’t. Look for the comments of other people online; their recommendation might sway your decision.



The swimming pool is one of the most important facilities for holiday hotels. It provides a place to relax and cool off under the blazing sun when you have no other commitments. Hotels usually invest much money in a top quality swimming pool, but make sure that there is no maintenance scheduled on your vacation dates. It would be a disaster if they drained the pool just before your arrival.



Many hotels arrange excursions for their guests, or know of a local company that runs them. They know the best places to visit and often receive preferential treatment at those destinations. Find out what is on offer and pre-book it if there is something you like.

When you are happy, book a hotel and count the days until you jet off for a week or two away from the rat-race. We work hard all year for this short break, so we must plan it well. I hope my advice will serve you well. Have an awesome time!


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