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Barbados Attractions Aside from the Beach

Barbados offers so much more than your typical Caribbean island, and behind all the white sands and great surf lies a number of fabulous cultural attractions to suit any budget or style. No matter what time of the year you’re thinking of travelling to Barbados, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find all the home comforts you need to have a fantastic holiday, whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or with your family.

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As Barbados is the most developed of all the Caribbean islands, there’s no need to worry whether you’re going to be able to find a wifi connection, or if there will be powdered milk on sale for your new born. It’s well known that Barbados has the best education system in the Caribbean, and with the island’s capital Bridgetown attracting millions of tourists every year, the hospitable locals make sure that all tourist needs are catered for. Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions in Barbados apart from the beach.

Away From the Luxury Resorts

The west and south coasts of the island are well developed, however if you want to see the real Barbados, you’re going to have to head inland towards central Barbados. From beautiful, lush landscapes to rolling limestone hills, this part of the island offers so much more than the typical tourist attractions, especially if you’re looking for a historical insight into the island’s past.

Barbados has a detailed colonial past, and the central areas of the island show elements of this in great detail. For example, take a tour of the stunning plantation homes that spread across the countryside. Not only do these show the wealth of the island’s settlers, but it also provides insight into the devastating effects of the slave trade.

From museums to libraries, the brutality of the slave trade is well documented on the island, so take some time out from the resort beaches and western elements of the island, and come and see some true history.


Harrison’s Cave

This beautiful cave, only mapped in 1974, is one of the best attractions on the island, and it was named after the land owner of where it was discovered – Tomas Harrison. Over the next few years, the cave was excavated, and a tram was installed to allow tourists to delve into the fantastic deep rock formations of is natural wonder.

Finally opening in 1981, Harrison’s Cave remains a significant cultural hotspot on the island, and at only 60 Barbados Dollars to get in (per adult), it’s a real bargain! If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that the cave is not located on any GPS devices, so if you’re not careful you might miss the entrance. Included in the price of your ticket is a friendly and educational tour, and there’s also a souvenir store on the way out where you can take home some of the actual rock from the cave.

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5 Things to Do in Barbados

If you’re looking for a Caribbean vacation packed with things to do, look no further than Barbados. There are so many interesting and active things you can get up to on the island, so book up one of the beautiful villas in Barbados and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

Also, Best At Barbados holidays offer affordable luxury holidays to exclusive hotels and resorts in Barbados, including Sandy Lane and Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels..


Hire a Car and Tour the Island

Barbados is so diverse that the best way to see it is by car, so you can enjoy the gorgeous and quiet coasts to the north and east, surfing beaches of the south, and rolling countryside in the center of the island- and everything in between. The island is a completely different experience when you escape the crowded beaches, and explore the beautiful land within. Make sure to stop at the rum shops along the way!

fish fry

Oistins Fish Fry

Every Friday night is fish night on Barbados, and Oistins in the parish of GetChrist Church is the happening spot to catch up with locals and dine on some fabulous freshly caught fish and chips. Live music starts up around 7 pm, with everything from reggae beats to ballroom dancing providing the entertainment for this festive event.


Get Underwater

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Barbados without checking out the vibrant life under the sea. Snorkel among colorful fish along the bright coral reefs- the crystal waters let you see for what seems like miles. Or if you prefer to stay dry, take the Atlantis submarine down to depths of 100 feet to view all manner of sea life!


Go Hiking

A great way to meet locals and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape is by joining a hiking group though local website They organize weekly walks and hikes all over the island on Sundays- with varying degrees of difficulty.

Watch a Sporting Event

Barbados has cricket pitches in every Parish, so check out those or the main stadium in in the Capital for a lively afternoon watching oen of the island’s popular sports. The island also hosts a marathon, half marathon and several fun runs if you’d like the experience of competing with people from all over the world.


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