Reasons why living in London is great!


Year after year people from all over the world choose to move to London. The capital city of England certainly has a great draw that attracts so many people, there are a number of benefits to living in London. Of course not everyone will enjoy living in London, city life is not always for everyone, but here is our list of why so many people choose to head there every year.


Fantastic job opportunities

Regardless of what salary you are looking for then London will have it, there are jobs of all types in all industries in the capital city. Like most capital cities it is the hub for all business, tourism and arts. So if you’re looking to be a star in the West End theatre seen you will always be able to find a job in the catering industry to keep you going. London is the center of finance so there are always lots of high end jobs for people to take up.

Travel the world

When you are in London you are in the main European transport hub. There are various airports for you to fly from, fantastic train stations and also great bus services. Wherever you want to go whether it is in the United Kingdom, Europe or anywhere else in the world you will be able to get there from London.

There is so much to do and see

When you live in London you are never short of things to fill your time. There are lots of clubs and sports to join if you want to get fit and meet new people. If you love music then London is the place to be, there is everything from fantastic Jazz to rock and roll. Then there is the West End where you will be able to enjoy some of the best theatre that the world has to offer, there are a number of long running shows there. There are also a number of different things to do that are sometimes different to anything else you have done, a great example are some of the super fun treasure hunts you can go on you should check out Wildgoose if you want to have a great day out!


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