Knowing New York – 5 things every traveller should do


Everyone thinks they know everything about the city that never sleeps. We get most of our knowledge from TV, movies and glossy images that have infiltrated our minds from a young age – New York is seen as America’s central city. And with good reason! It’s mind blowing – packed with culture, art, shopping, food and home to some of the most amazing buildings in the world. Yes, we all know what we should do when we head to the big smoke, but some stuff that is less talked about is most certainly worth your time and effort.

5 things you need to do in New York

  1. New York by helicopter

Yes, this is an actual thing. You can take to New York’s sky on a helicopter and see the city from the sky. With views you simply can’t find elsewhere, the helicopter tour is an epic way to see the city.

  1. Taking the Highline

Go strolling. New Yorkers love this 1.45 mile long High Line that is situated on a once derelict elevated railway track. Brought to life by a maze of beautiful gardens (over 300 species of plants), water features and views of the awesome architecture – you can even see glimpses of the Hudson River from here.

  1. New York Movies

New York is the set to many a movie, and the city is a hub from those who love film. Swap movie star hunting for a visit to Film Forum. Indie features and documentaries, foreign art cinema and some of world’s top films are all presented here, it’s every local film buffs favourite.

  1. Grand Central Terminal

Beautiful, timeless and a favourite destination of so many who visit the city, and indeed those who call the city home. The gourmet culinary market is an excellent shopping/foodie experience.  . Explore the secret elevated passageways for a spectacular view of the concourse, and take a little wonder. There is a great history to the building itself and it’s just waiting to be explored (don’t forget to gaze at the celestial ceiling mural).

  1. Take in the views from the bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge came to life in 1883 and is one of the oldest steel –wire suspension bridges in the USA. It links Manhattan and Brooklyn and spans across the East River. A stroll across on the special pedestrian walkway offers all New York visitors great views of the city and at the Brooklyn end the area has been recently redeveloped with parks, piers and a carousel. The Manhattan end is close to the downtown sights of City Hall and the New York City Supreme Court. All in all it’s a pretty awesome spot and when in New York it’s definitely a must see.

Thinking of seeing it all for yourself? Taking in the views, eating the food and soaking up all New York City has to offer – what’s not to love? Great travel sights like Expedia offer great deals on cheap flights and hotels in New York City. Whenever you head to New York, you’ll be mesmerised by all the city has to offer and no matter what you read, see or do – nothing will quite prepare you for visiting a place like NYC!

Image – Pixabay