Heavenly Getways for $5k or under? Easy!


With every celebrity and their dog seemingly on an never-ending luxury holiday around the entire globe, it can leave us normal folk feeling a little green with envy. The instagram pics, the snapchats, the facebook updates – jealously doesn’t even come close to conveying our emotions.

We’ve decided to cheer everyone up with a more realsitic approach. If you can scramble together $5k, what can you do with it? Sure, you could blow it on three days in the Maldives, but we’re thinking something a little bit more epic. Something to tell your grandkids about, so here are three ideas to get your hearts racing:

A) Three months in South East Asia

Five thousand dollars may not be peanuts, but it’s a figure that lots of us can aspire to save, and with that we could have a life changing attitude. If we figure around a a quarter of that will go on flights, that leaves us with just over $3500 to burn on our trip. So here’s how to do it.

First of all, forget the luxury hotels, they’ll be waiting for you in your old age. Strap on a backpack, travel over land and stay in high-end hostels – no dorms necessary, private rooms all the way.  We’d recommend a flight into the north of Vietnam, and then an overland trip all the way to Thailand. Here’s a rough itinerary: Start with a cultural tour of Hanoi, head over to the world class sights at Halong Bay, make your way south via the beach paradise of Nhatran to Ho Chi Minh city for some Asian chaos.

Land journey to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, one of the wonders of the world, in all it’s Splendor. Into Thailand, to Bangkok the ‘City of Angels’. A couple of day trips to Ayutthaya, the old Capital, and a visit to the Bridge of the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi before your last ten days are spent lounding around the islands – cocktails and hammocks. All possible on $5k, just be a little careful along the way, or cut the trip to two months. Either way – trip of a lifetime. To save eben more money, check out some great deals at Scoopon.com.au, no one likes to overpay, so use these guys and you’ll be set.

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B) South American Highlights – one month

$5k won’t seem so much after flights to South America are taken out of it, but if you plan carefull you can still see some of the major highlights. Fly into Lima in Peru, and out of Rio, Brazil – the rest is overlanding via Bolivia and Argentina. Highlights include Machu Picchu, perhaps the world’s most famous ruins, the Salt Flats in Boliva, Tango in Buenos Airies and of course Iguazu falls on the Argentinian/Brazilian border. Finish up on Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro, with the iconic Christ the Redeemer overlooking you’re everymove. This is $5k well spent.

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C) Africa for beginners – 50 days of Exploring

South and East Africa don’t have to be the scary destinations that a lot of people think, in fact they’re becoming real tourism hotspots, and here’s why…

Start with a flight into Cape Town – cage dive with some Great White Sharks and climb Table top mountain. Head west for a safari in Kruger national park. On you go, via Swaziland, to Mozambique for some spectacular diving. Head north to Lake Malawi to see the ‘real Africa’, en route to Tanzania to gaze at Kilimanjaro and check out the Serengeti. One month and a half, overland travel, lifetime of memories. Done.

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