Getting The Right Hotel For Your Visit to Jakarta


Indonesia’s Capital City Jakarta has a reputation of being busy and chaotic, in a good way. Which means you shouldn’t shy away from the exciting and thriving city. With great food, friendly people and a huge amount of culture and architecture, it’s worth spending a day or more to check out what Jakarta has to offer.

However, because the city is a tad frantic it’s nice to get your travel arrangements and hotel planned before hand. This way when you arrive at the airport you can be comforted knowing you won’t have to rush around the streets looking for accommodation or ask a tout at the airport where a good place to stay is. This often causes frustration and will, more times than not, lead to spending a lot more than you would have had you booked in advance.

The fastest and most efficient way of finding a hotel is using an online database that sources the best hotels based on your preferences. Taveloka has some of the largest selections of hotels in Indonesia and is a trusted resource for booking hotels online. In fact, they have over 500 hotels and reviews for Jakarta.

Things you’ll want to consider when booking a hotel online.

Accessibility  to/from Airport

If you are coming in late at night or leaving early in the morning, you’re likely going to want to find a hotel that is either very close to the airport or can be reached easily. Leaving excessively early to the airport so you can sit in the back of a cab stuck traffic in traffic is nobody idea of a good time. Browsing online will help to gauge on a map how far the hotel is from the airport, many hotels will also list online whether they offer a shuttle service. Some offer this service for free and others will charge a fee.

Nearby Attractions

Like I said before, there is, in fact, a lot to do and see in the Capital. Visits to the National Monument or National Museum you’ll want to stay in the heart of the city. Online reviews of hotels will give their nearby attractions, districts and places to shop and eat. This is great for planning a day out around your hotel room.


Typically hotels aren’t set up in dodgy neighbourhoods but nothing is ever one hundred percent. This is why viewing a hotel online and researching the neighbourhood, before you g0, could have great benefits. User reviews will rate the location of the hotel and often comment on how they felt about the hotels location. 


With a huge spread of hotel prices in  Jakarta, being able to check and compare prices is important for any budget conscious traveller. Keeping the cost down on your room means more shopping, eating and entertainment. Browsing online will help you compare a range of star ratings in different locations, narrowing down the best price. you’ll also be able to see what amenities the hotel offers such as, wifi, laundry service and a pool or gym.