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I am a firm believer that every second of your holiday, including the moment you leave your house, should be enjoyed as much as humanly possible. It’s easy to let ‘have I turned the gas off’worries plague the beginning of your journey, but stop right there! You’re on holiday, you have turned the gas off, worry not!

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I used to dread the journey from home to the airport, as I’m not the most coordinated of people and whenever I have a heavy item with me, i.e. my suitcase, there is always a comedy moment of some kind, that usually leaves me or some poor unsuspecting person victim to an accidental bruise or two. Trains never fared me well, and coaches were a disaster, not to mention all of the above being quite pricey, so I took to driving myself to the airport and leaving the car for the duration of my holiday.

This turned out to be one of the best holiday decisions I ever made, and is now a service I book repeatedly. I recently looked into Heathrow parking for my upcoming trip to the airport and the price was so low, I booked it immediately. In the past I’ve also used Luton Airport parking, the facilities for parking at both of these airports were great in terms of customer service, the service itself, and the price, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Once you’re safely at the airport, parked up, checked-in, through security, and you’ve felt that magical sensation of widened eyes when you see the array of glittering duty free stores, you’re raring to go, perfectly placed to enjoy your holiday.

I always head straight to a restaurant, as I think a well-fed person is a happy person, and much less stressed! A great idea to kick start your holiday is a delicious meal, a few drinks, and a nosey around duty free, which should take you right up to when you need to head to the gate, to board your plane.

Of course, airports can be stressful places, and if you want to remain in a calm environment, then why not pre-book time in an airport lounge, where food and drink are generally complementary and you can relax whilst waiting for boarding. Most airports have this facility, and are at a competitive price, so certainly research this idea for a bit of pre-flight R & R.

Enjoying the airport experience is all part of a happy start to a holiday, and a bit of food, drink and shopping is the perfect way to kick-start your summer or winter break. Don’t fault victim to pre-holiday stress, firmly enjoy every second, after all, we work hard for our holidays.