Exploring Sydney’s Biggest Construction Marvel


Considered to be one of Australia’s most well known and highly photographed landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge attracts millions of visitors each year. While it may not be the world’s     longest, it continues to be the largest bridge with a steel arch standing 134 metres above the harbour. Also known as the ‘coat-hanger’ among the locals, the bridge started construction almost a century ago in 1924.

Activities to Pursue on and around the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Conquering the Construction Marvel

Since 1998, thousands of tourists and locals are able to sign up for a Bridge Climb. Enthusiasts can climb through ladders, stairs and catwalks to experience breath-taking views of the city. These climbs are scheduled during the day, twilight as well as during the nights and usually take place in groups of 12 after every 10 minutes. Considered one of the ‘must-dos’ while in Sydney, some of the world’s biggest celebrities such as Matt Damon, Kylie Minogue and Princess Mary of Denmark boast of having accomplished this climb.

 Visiting the Pylon Lookout

For those who aren’t too adventurous, visiting the Pylon Lookout at the south eastern end of the bridge is an excellent way to gain some insight about the bridge through an elaborate exhibition. Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular views from the top of the pylon.

 Dining by the Harbour Bridge

Choosing to dine in this area can prove to be extremely captivating in the day time and equally magical after the sun sets. With exquisite locations such as the Cockle Bay, Walsh Bay, The Rocks, Pyrmont and Woolloomoolo, visitors and locals cannot stop raving about the magnificent atmosphere and views made available through the restaurants here.

For instance, there are a number of waterside locations you can choose from. Here, you could choose to spend every single day of your trip selecting a different sparkling water view and enjoying the gorgeous food made available through unique eateries.

If you are looking for a truly opulent way to enjoy this area, consider booking yourself a seaplane that will take you over the gorgeous city while you enjoy a scrumptious lunch onboard.

With a host of activities to do and eateries to explore, consider renting a vehicle while in Sydney. With a car at your dispense, getting to and around the Sydney Harbour area becomes a lot more comfortable and convenient. With Hertz offering a host of tourist friendly services, getting around an unknown city is never a problem with the right on-road partners.