Explore Qatar through these Splendid Means


Qatar is one of the fastest growing countries in the Gulf Region. Doha, its capital is one of the world’s leading markets and is trying to carve a niche as a cultural as well as educational capital. No wonder tourists are visiting the country in large numbers in order to be a part of this growing enterprise.

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Listed below are the five great ways through which you can travel around Qatar.


  1. Flight – The Doha International Airport is located within five kilometres of the main capital city. Flights from almost all countries travel to and fro from this airport. Moreover, all the major hotels are located in the vicinity of the airport, such as Sheraton, Ritz, etc. Some of these hotels also provide you with pick ups and drop offs.


  1. Bus – As has already been stated earlier, Qatar is a fast developing place. A public bus service is being designed and developed by the Qatari authorities which will provide easy and comfortable transportation to the commuters. These air-conditioned buses shall travel to and fro from Doha to other cities such as Al- Khor, Al- Wakara, etc.


  1. Taxi – Another means of moving around Qatar is through taxis. The air conditioned green taxis are known as ‘karwa’ taxis. There is another kind of taxi which are known as ‘limousines’. They are however more expensive than their green counterparts.

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  1. Car – You can also hire cars, through which you can explore Qatar with utmost convenience. It is advisable that you pre-book them, and settle issues like fare with the agencies beforehand, in order to avoid being cheated. Most of the car agencies operate in and around the Doha International Airport. Hence, availing their services is no big deal. A major car hire service provider that you can go for is Hertz car rental.


  1. Limousines – If you are really in the mood of splashing bucks, then limousine is the best option. They are as amazing as the name suggests and spending a hefty amount on it is worth it, because of the care and comfort it provides you.