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Going wild in the Big Apple

New York, New York!

As far as cities go, the Big Apple is one that most people dream of visiting. I dream of a Carrie Bradshaw-style shopping spree and cocktails with the girls, all with the skyscraper background. Others dream of visiting the various landmarks and doing the tourist route. Whatever your dream, or reason for visiting New York, there’s one thing it will always be – big, brash, loud, colourful and downright wonderful.

Flights over the Atlantic are plentiful year-around, and you’ll find fantastic value these days, with the price much lower than it ever has been. Thankfully, that means this is now a destination accessible to all. The downside however is the flight, yet jetlag and tiredness can be reduced by a little clever planning, and that, my friends, involves booking airport extras to enhance your travel plans.

Airport parking is a godsend to reduce getting to the airport stress that often plagues a holiday. Another fantastic add-on is the airport hotel. I recently stayed at one of the hotels near Luton Airport, and I’m now hooked on the convenience, not to mention the price! There are facilities available country-wide, and you’re sure to find something no matter where you’re flying from, including north of the border. There are a wide range of Edinburgh Airport Hotels to choose from, with something to suit every budget.

A break fit for Carrie Bradshaw deserves a rested start, and if you don’t fancy staying in the heart of the airport, you’ll find off-site hotels too, check out this range of Gatwick hotels with A meal and cocktails prior to travelling is the aim, with a fresh face at the airport the result!

Once you arrive in the biggest city you’ll probably ever see, you’ll be spoilt for choice for activities, but there are some places you must visit, such as the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty aka Statue of Liberty, the sombre Ground Zero, Times Square … the list goes on and on.

If you’re into shopping, like me, then those saved pennies from airport extras will come in very handy, with a visit to Macy’s or Bloomingdales definitely on the agenda. Clothes are generally a little cheaper in the USA than they are here, so see what you can find, and come home a fashionista Carrie would be proud of.

Another suggestion is to head to Broadway and see a world-class show. You’ll never have the chance again, so grab it with both hands!

When night-falls New York comes alive, in fact New York never sleeps! Bright and loud, you’ll find something whatever your choice of entertainment, from a sports game, a show, a club, a top-class meal, a comedy show – anything you desire, you’ll find.

There’s a reason they call this the city that never sleeps, and the range of activities on offer means nobody will ever bored. For sheer entertainment value, you’ll be wide-eyed with wonder, and I doubt that one trip will ever be enough.

The Big Apple – take a bite out of it and savour every second!

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Activities for Young Mothers to Pursue in Florida

Florida is a fantastic destination for young mothers to visit on holiday with their children. There are many activities to pursue and enjoy, from beaches to parks to theme parks there is plenty to see, do and most importantly enjoy. Although going to Florida can be quite expensive, you can save money by comparing flights to Florida at


The Florida beaches are a perfect destination for families and especially young mothers to visit on holiday. Hutchinson Island has 22 miles of beaches where you can enjoy activities such as tennis, Frisbee and golf. Your kids can enjoy building sandcastles, paddling and swimming in the sea while you soak up the sun. Beaches are a great place for relaxation and as a young mother that is exactly what you deserve. Enjoy the tranquillity of Florida’s finest beaches, read a book and build up your tan and show off that you are a young and beautiful yummy mummy.


Disney World
Your time in Florida should definitely include a trip to a Disney World, this is an exceptionally magical place to visit with your children. You cannot get the same experience anywhere else in the world! With rides that are perfect for people of all heights and ages you are bound to find something suitable for you and your family. You are guaranteed to have a thoroughly exciting and thrilling time when visiting Disney World.

As well as fantastic rides and amusements, there are many bars and restaurants with amazing food to experience. At night time you can enjoy magnificent, awe-inspiring firework shows or see a magic show and some wonderful musicians.


State and Natural parks
If you’re a young mother who enjoys exercise, visit the Suwannee River Trail in White Springs in Florida. Here you can explore caverns and go hiking which are exciting for both you and your child. You could also have a fantastic family picnic whilst enjoying the spectacular scenery this part of the world has to offer. Work off any unwanted calories from holiday over-indulging by hiking up hills. Take in the tranquil ambience of Florida’s natural landscapes.

For a historical adventure visit the Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park, here you can learn about the history of the slave trade. It’s also a place where you and your family can acquire skills in canoeing.


Water Parks
For those thrill seeking, young mothers with an abundance of energy, visit a water park such as Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach which are a part of Disney World. You can enjoy exciting shoots, slides and water rides. There are pools where young children can play and simply have fun splashing around.

Sea World is another fantastic place to take kids, or even just for you if you are interested in sea life. Get up close and personal with dolphin and exciting tropical fish. Sea World is a fascinating place where you will learn a lot about marine life and have a whale of a time!

There are many different activities that you can enjoy as a young mother, with or without your family. Whether you want thrilling, exciting activities or tranquil relaxation, you will certainly have a fantastic, fun-filled holiday in Florida.

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Cancun’s Best Bits!

As one of the more popular choices for Spring Breakers as their holiday destination of choice, Cancun is often tarred with the “wet t-shirt competitions and wasted college students” brush. In recent years, it has been struggling to shake off this rather negative reputation, and is now doing its best to attract travellers of all ages and backgrounds.

Cancun is now known for its award winning restaurant cuisine, as well as its beautiful beaches and gorgeously warm ocean waters. Get yourselves down to the Yucatan Peninsula to experience some (or all!) of Cancun’s best bits.

The Best Restaurant – La Habichuela

As far as architecture goes, Cancun is well-known around the world for its stunning Central American style. La Habichuela takes this as its starting point and adds a bit of extra Mayan flair, making it a memorable place in which to eat.

Luckily, the food there is fantastic too! It takes its name from its signature bean, the habichuela, and as such you should make sure to try the cream of habichuela soup! You should wash it down with the house special cocktail, made with Xtabentún – a liqueur made from anise seed and fermented honey. Did we mention it’s an aphrodisiac?

The Best Museum –Museo Maya de Cancún

In the hotel zone you will find the newly built Museum of Mayan Culture, complete with a massive archaeological site for you to explore. It opened towards the end of last year, despite all the buzz around the rumoured Mayan predictions of the end of the world, and luckily we’re all still around to appreciate it!

It took six years to build, but it was worth the wait – you can see the remains of the Woman of the Palms, a 14,000 year old skeleton discovered nearby, in one of the three major exhibits. In the Sala Maya you can study all sorts of incredible Mayan architecture and art.

The Best Gallery – MUSA

MUSA (MuseoSubacuatico de Arte – the Underwater Museum of Art) is, believe it or not, an art gallery beneath the waves. Founded by Jaime Gonzalez Cano, the gallery features more than four hundred life-sized sculptures made out of pH neutral clay by the renowned English artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

You won’t see anything like this anywhere else in the world, so book your flights to Cancun now and strap on your scuba diving gear! Diving down deep, you will see these amazing sculptures take on a life of their own – they were designed to attract the retreating coral back to Cancun.

The statues are being slowly covered, turning into a unique coral reef. “The Dream Collector” is one of the most striking pieces, but the one that leaves the fondest impression is the replica Volkswagen Beetle – truly something that has to be seen to be believed!

Whatever type of holiday you’re after, you’re sure to find it down in Cancun. Avoid the Spring Breakers and you’ll have a great and relaxing time exploring the Mexican landscape.

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Holidaying In Algarve

Portugal remains one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations, with perhaps the most prestigious of them all in this beautiful country being the Algarve.  Boasting beautiful beaches, fantastic temperatures, relaxing resorts and picturesque towns and ocean-front vistas, Algarve is a traveler’s one-stop shop for partying and paradise.

There’s more to do in Algarve than simply laze around on one of its several golden-sanded beaches, however.  If you’re planning on hitting up Algarve for your next holiday and are looking for things to do, then here are the places to go.


Lagos is the place to be if you seek a thriving nightlife with fine cuisine and interesting locals.  As many people say, Lagos is the “carnival queen” of the Algarve region and has something to offer anyone from its characteristic cobbled streets.


This quaint town is for those who are seeking a bit of a quieter holiday that has less of a partying atmosphere.  Featuring fine views of a steep and wooded countryside, Monchique is a top choice for travelers who seek relaxation and who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of towns like Lagos.


This ancient city that’s set along a peaceful river is another hot destination for anyone who’s seeking a relaxing and laid-back vacation.  This area is perhaps amongst the oldest in all of Portugal, with its history dating all the back to the Roman times.


If you’re going for the “real” Portuguese experience, then Faro is the place to go.  Featured in the area is a medieval quarter that treats visitors to a taste of what ancient Portugal was like several centuries ago.

But if checking out Portugal’s history isn’t you thing, one thing about Faro’s for sure: golfing is the most popular sport in this town.  You can find a ton of different courses crafted by some of the world’s most popular golfers, such as:

  • Monte Rei (Jack Nicklaus)
  • Oceanico Faldo (Nick Faldo)
  • Oceanico Victoria (Arnold Palmer)
  • Oceanico Pinha and Oceanico Old Course (Frank Pennink)
  • Vila Sol (Donald Steel)
  • Vale de Lobo Ocean & Royal (Henry Cotton)

Sagres And Carrapateira

Should water sports and surfing be your thing, then Sagres or Carrapateira are definitely the places to go.  Located out on the west coast of Portugal, these fun-loving towns are charming and filled with laid-back locals who are sure to show you a good time.


Located on the Western seaboard of Portugal, Portimao is yet another golfer’s dream get away located in Portugal.  Not only will you be able to find beautiful beaches resting along the banks of the Arade river, but you’ll be able to golf on a number of some of the world’s most popular golf courses, such as:

  • Morgado (European Golf Design)
  • Onyria Palmares (Frank Pennick & Trent Jones, Jr.)
  • Penina (Henry Cotton)
  • Pestana/Gramacho (Ronald Fream)
  • Pestana/Vale de Pinta (Ronald Fream)

You can read the reviews and ratings of the Algarve golf courses here. If you’re interested in going to Algarve solely for the golf, then we live in a world of specialist golf holidaymakers, like Golf Kings – so have a look at the site if your idea of a holiday to Algarve is just golf, golf and more golf.

Algarve is stunning and is more than deserving of the attention it has had in recent years. Whatever you do once you’re there, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Happy travels.

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Barbados Attractions Aside from the Beach

Barbados offers so much more than your typical Caribbean island, and behind all the white sands and great surf lies a number of fabulous cultural attractions to suit any budget or style. No matter what time of the year you’re thinking of travelling to Barbados, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find all the home comforts you need to have a fantastic holiday, whether you’re travelling alone, with friends or with your family.

Image from

As Barbados is the most developed of all the Caribbean islands, there’s no need to worry whether you’re going to be able to find a wifi connection, or if there will be powdered milk on sale for your new born. It’s well known that Barbados has the best education system in the Caribbean, and with the island’s capital Bridgetown attracting millions of tourists every year, the hospitable locals make sure that all tourist needs are catered for. Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions in Barbados apart from the beach.

Away From the Luxury Resorts

The west and south coasts of the island are well developed, however if you want to see the real Barbados, you’re going to have to head inland towards central Barbados. From beautiful, lush landscapes to rolling limestone hills, this part of the island offers so much more than the typical tourist attractions, especially if you’re looking for a historical insight into the island’s past.

Barbados has a detailed colonial past, and the central areas of the island show elements of this in great detail. For example, take a tour of the stunning plantation homes that spread across the countryside. Not only do these show the wealth of the island’s settlers, but it also provides insight into the devastating effects of the slave trade.

From museums to libraries, the brutality of the slave trade is well documented on the island, so take some time out from the resort beaches and western elements of the island, and come and see some true history.


Harrison’s Cave

This beautiful cave, only mapped in 1974, is one of the best attractions on the island, and it was named after the land owner of where it was discovered – Tomas Harrison. Over the next few years, the cave was excavated, and a tram was installed to allow tourists to delve into the fantastic deep rock formations of is natural wonder.

Finally opening in 1981, Harrison’s Cave remains a significant cultural hotspot on the island, and at only 60 Barbados Dollars to get in (per adult), it’s a real bargain! If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that the cave is not located on any GPS devices, so if you’re not careful you might miss the entrance. Included in the price of your ticket is a friendly and educational tour, and there’s also a souvenir store on the way out where you can take home some of the actual rock from the cave.

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The Best Cabo Holiday

Cabo 2For years, Cabo San Lucas has been one of the top tourism destinations for Americans choosing to holiday in Mexico. Over time, more and more people have chosen to move there thanks to the relatively low cost and high standard of living, or retire there in style in their old age. Whether you’re looking for a nightlife center full of parties and clubs or a relaxed atmosphere of spas and golf courses, Cabo has you covered. Of course, everyone can appreciate the beach and the tropical climate.

Cabo 1Those beaches are what first drew visitors to the very southern tip of the Baja peninsula in the first place. Featuring white sand, great waves for surfing, and an abundance of marine life, they make a perfect getaway. Beyond the usual sunbathing and swimming, the area has fantastic opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and extreme watersports. Boat trips often take in El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (commonly just referred to as “the Arch”), a picturesque geological formation that is a symbol of the region. Back on land, different beaches develop niches, with more retirees congregating on some to relax, and more “spring break” types flocking to others for the hottest parties. Wherever you find yourself along this beautiful stretch of coastline, though, you’ll definitely remember why you came.

Between October and March, large pods of grey whales migrate to and beyond Cabo, making whale-watching a very popular pastime. Sometimes these groups are visible on the horizon line, and sometimes they make themselves known in a big way when they surface next to boat tours or surfers just trying to catch some breaks. Thousands pass through the area during these months, and make for a magnificent encounter with nature. Whale watching tours generally last three or four hours.

Cabo 3Leisure takes many forms here on land. Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area is world-famous for its premiere golf courses. It is one of the top destinations worldwide for its excellent terrain and fantastic views, as many of the courses run parallel to the Sea of Cortez. Many beachfront Cabo villas are located adjacent to the best of them. This is definitely world-class turf for staying and improving your swing. If golf is a little slow for your tastes, you might appreciate the proliferation of ATV tours, which combine exhilarating rides through bumpy terrain with an appreciation for the natural vistas, wildlife, and sense of adventure that comes with exploring the wild. This desert landscape is perfect for vehicles ranging from classic ATVs to jeeps to dune buggies, and lessons and rentals are widely available for individuals of all skill levels.

Whatever you’re into, Cabo is unlikely to disappoint. Nature, nightlife, extreme sports, relaxed beaches, golfing, food, and more wait for visitors. Those that come are likely to return for future holidays, or just decide to stay forever. It’s easy to see why this area is so popular, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.



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How to eat like a local in Oslo

Oslo, similar to Norway generally speaking, is not the most affordable vacation destination, aside from the flights to Oslo, for consuming and drinking. However despite the fact that myths of the price ranges of an evening out in the town are renowned, you can still find certain areas where one can grab an inexpensive bite to consume.

Aker Brygge
And also in case you are in a position to manage it, eating away in Oslo is excellent. Along with all the normal wise worldwide dining places that series Bogstadveien as well as Hegdehaugsveien, in addition there are a lot of spots in which conventional Norwegian delicacies is offered.

With the close by North Sea to trawl, there’s seldom any specific deficiency in fresh new sea food available in the city’s dining places. The ideal place to choose seafood is the region of Aker Brygge, a dynamic region down by Akershus Fortress to the southwest of the town.

The accommodate (constructed on the long used shipyard) is furthermore an excellent destination to go for a walk, have a beverage and scrutinize the boats bobbing away on the lakes on comfortable summer time evenings, even though the price ranges appear a bit daunting.

In addition there are a good amount of areas to take flights to Oslo select from on the side roads that run off the main thoroughfares of Stortingsgaten as well as Karl Johans entrance. Nevertheless, these additionally are usually in the direction of the high end of the value range.

Exactly what low-cost eating you can find in the location practically solely revolves around dining places opened up by the big immigrant populations. In the market to the east of the town, places similar to Grunerløkka, Storgata, Gronland as well as Brugata provide you with a dizzying selection of cuisines. Consider taking flights to Oslo that are less expensive so you can enjoy the taste and variety of all the food they offer. Why not take a look at flights from SAS?

Torgatta, and also on and around Hausmanns entrance (to the northeast of the town), has its reasonable share of inexpensive Asian dining places along with the strange kebab store. Just a little to the southwest, Gronlandsleiret with its low-cost curry locations is yet another high-quality spending budget choice.

Nevertheless, self-catering is honestly  the main section of the typical spending budget traveler’s vacation in the town. Grocery stores similar to Rema 1000 or Kiwi can be obtained across the city, although the outside marketplace on Youngstorget is a good destination to grab garden-fresh produce.

Purchasing alcoholic beverages in Oslo may be a little complicated, as well, as the region has certain uncommon regulations concerning its acquisition in outlets. Even though you can purchase beer in grocery stores, anything more powerful has to be purchased from a government liquor shop, or ‘Vinmonopolet’.

However possibly the most convenient way to consume and drink in Oslo (in summer time, at the least) is always to make like the locals; purchase a throw away bbq and proceed to one of the close by islands of the Oslofjord. Very few dining places, of course, may outrank resting on the beach and consuming freshly-cooked sea food.

Oslo is an absolutely contemporary capital with a sizable selection of cultural cuisines, fast food shops, exquisite dining places, and vintage cafes for example Theatercaféen. Get ready for substantial price ranges, the oil profits make Oslo into one among the world’s most valuable metropolitan areas. As opposed to planning your flights to Oslo, you may want to think about setting aside extra money for your eating.

In the focal point of the town can be found one of Oslo’s most ancient establishments where folks have accumulated since the early on 1700’s. Right here it is possible to consume, drink and take pleasure in the hereditary environment, regardless of whether you are by yourself or are going to pack as much as three hundred of your buddies /colleagues. The pleasant waiters and cooks are concentrated on top quality and thrilling preference encounters.


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Australia has more to offer than just beaches and the Great Barrier Reef

When you think of Australia, what comes to mind? Kangaroos? BBQ’s? Cricket? Of course they all do, these are the things we associate with OZ – but there is much more to this vast country. It’s the perfect holiday destination with such a diversity of experiences and places to explore. Start planning your adventure now, who knows what you will discover on a holiday down under.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Australia is of course renowned for its spectacular beaches and glorious shore lines. Many journey to Australia to see these natural world icons – with the Great Barrier Reef being amongst the most famous. Yet, there is so much more to see! The Blue Mountains offer a breathtaking blue-hazed vista of natural beauty. This World Heritage Area contains an amazing one million hectares of tall forests, sandstone cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and bushland.  Here you can let your adventurous side escape and go mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, and abseiling or simply take a Bush walk to absorb the astonishing panoramas. You can very easily find discounted hotel rooms in Blue Mountains on Expedia. The hotels are mostly located in the small city of Katoomba, approximately1h30 from Sydney. These valley hotels will give you an easy access to the many local activities and wild hiking trails. Plus, you will have an amazing view with on the valley, which is really breathtaking at sunset.

Or take a trip to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island which is the world’s largest sand island. The Aboriginal founders called this island ‘K’gari’, or paradise, and it’s no surprise as to why with its 75 mile long beach and an abundance of wildlife. Here you can four-wheel drive next to the coloured sand cliffs or take a bushwalk through heathlands full of wild flowers after a spot of peaceful swimming in the beautiful surrounding lakes. You can even see kangaroos, wallabies and possums as you picnic in the Happy Valley, perfect!

If thrill seeking isn’t your thing, and you want to escape it all but still be close to Australia’s astonishing natural landscape, then restore body and mind whilst staying in the luxury accommodation which can be found at Bloomfield Lodge. Here you’ll be amongst the tropical Daintree rainforest but have the comfort of luxurious lodgings and outstanding food. The Daintree Rainforest is the largest tropical area in all of Australia and is home to the infamous Bennett’s Tree-kangaroo, 430 species of birds and 12,000 species of insects. At Bloomfield Lodge you can of course also experience the Great Barrier Reef and beautiful beaches to get the best of both worlds.

If cities are more your thing, then a visit to Sydney is not to be missed! Sydney is Australia’s famous harbour city and the capital of New South Wales. You can easily explore all the sights and beaches within three days or so, making this the perfect beginning or end to your Australian holiday.




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Mountain Holidays in Switzerland

The Alps are one of Europe’s most beautiful locations to visit and also one of its most popular. Tourism began in the early 19th Century and large scale tourism industry started in the 20th century with large hotels being made. Over the past 30 years or so all tourist facilities have been modernized and a large number of tourists are attracted throughout the year. Switzerland boasts about its cultural and geographical diversity but what stands out the most are its mountain ranges. They attract a number of different types of tourists be it those who come for just the scenic views or for cycling, skiing, lakes, food or just some place to relax and spend time with their family.

With the fresh mountain air carrying the scent of flowers growing in the meadows with mountain peaks surrounding you from every side Switzerland feels like a magical place in its own right. Even just going for a walk is a magnificent experience in such a place. You don’t need to be a hiker to go see what Switzerland has up to offer because all types of people, even someone with an average physique can be catered to amongst the vast array of choices. Be it a cycling enthusiast or someone wanting a look at the great outdoors Switzerland offers the best mountain holidays experience.

Grindelwald is a mountain village with cafes restaurants and a good number of shops. It is a fantastic place for country walking and enjoying the scenic beauty present there. You can also get a chance to travel on one of the world’s most famous railway journeys to Europe’s highest railway station at 3454 meters. The railway will take you through tunnels and past glaciers which is truly a journey to remember. Holidaying in Grindelwald also leadsup to other scenic resorts including the lakes of Thun and Brienz.

Davos is one of Switzerland’s top walking destinations and has 700km of marked walking trails.  Guests even receive free use of some cable cars so the majestic beauty can be enjoyed by all. There is abundant wildlife and beautiful traditional Swiss villages to be enjoyed in your walks. There is abundance of paths for people to choose from.  Tirano in Italy is just a train ride away to visit and the skiing resort of St.Moritz can also be reached easily. A cheese factory and a brewery are also present in Davos for those looking for a bit extra than just the walking.

Switzerland is also famous for its world class ski resorts and attracts a lot of skiers from all over the globe. Resorts like Zermatt are considered one of the best in the world to go for skiing. Not only are Swiss resorts for professional skiers but teachers are also available who can teach you how to ski in English and Swiss resorts like Wengen have nursery as well as intermediary slopes for those who are not so familiar with skiing.

Whether you are a fan of skiing, cycling, hiking or only plan on seeing the scenic beauty of the great outdoors, Switzerland is the ideal destination to spend your mountain holidays, giving you an experience that is next to no other.

Switzerland has policies and institutions in place which make it very convenient for tourists to exchange currency. ‘Franc’ is the currency used in Switzerland you can check up to date currency rates online with the Travelex currency converter. The best places to exchange currency are Railway stations where they accept foreign currency notes as well as travel’s checks. ATMs can also be used to acquire your currency and most Swiss banks, shops and restaurants in the major cities accept international credit cards.

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A brief Boston history guide

The historical city of Boston is a must see city if you ever find yourself in the USA.  Set in the stunning Massachusetts Bay it has so much to offer, even if you are only staying a few days or passing through when on cheap holidays.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.12.24 PM

Early history

Originally founded in September 1630 it is one of the oldest cities in America.  The Boston settlers came from Lincolnshire in England to create what is now the capital of New England.

It has had a large involvement in the American Revolution playing a part in major historical events, such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea party.


What to see?

Due to its rich history and connections with many different battles and wars, Boston has much to see and do.  There are plenty of museums here that showcase the history and tradition that surrounds this fantastic city.  In particular you may want to check out the Museum of Fine Arts, the New England Aquarium and the Harvard Art Museum.

What is really striking about Boston though is its scenery.  Every corner you turn you will find parks, greenery and plenty of stunning architecture.

And, no visit to Boston is complete without a trip to the original ‘Cheers’ bar.  The bar where everybody knows your name.  The Bull & Finch pub is how it’s formally known and it was the inspiration for the hit TV show, ‘Cheers’.

If sports is more your thing then you won’t be disappointed with a trip to the home of the Boston Red Sox.  Fenway Park is the destination you should be headed and it is the oldest baseball stadium still used in major league games.

Boston has a fantastic cultural scene and you will be certain to find something to suit your tastes.  Whether you are a fan of classical music, baseball, history or architecture, you are guaranteed to find plenty of interesting and inspirational treats amongst this historical US city.


Why not see for yourself?


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