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5 Reasons To Ski In Canada

Whistler ski holidays are becoming increasingly popular and so are ski holidays throughout Canada. There are plenty of countries around the world which offer superb skiing opportunities but I think that Canada is head and shoulder above the rest. 

 If you haven’t been lucky enough to enjoy a skiing holiday in Canada yet, here are 5 reasons to ski in Canada.

The Snow

The number thing you need on a ski holiday is snow, without it you’re going nowhere fast. Canada is blessed with some arguably the most reliable snow fall in the world, of course you will get a bad year every now and then but they are very rare. The locals told me that you can go with the rule 1 in 10 for bad seasons, whereas with Europe you could see 1 in 5 – so Canada have got it good.

The Choice

Have you looked at Canada on a world map recently? The place is enormous and there are loads of resorts of different sizes for you to choose from. Most foreign visitors head to the west of the country, this area is home to Alberta and British Columbia where the more famous resorts can be found.


There are resorts specifically designed for the level of skiers who will visit. The best places for families and learners are Sun Peaks and Silver Star – the resorts might not be as big as others or provide a stiff challenge but that’s because they’ve been purpose built.

The thrill seekers will head to Whistler to test themselves on a seemingly never ending amount of runs. Here you will have the option to try going off piste into some of the best powder you’ll ever get to ski.

The Accommodation

I must admit that Canada might not be able to compete with the highest level accommodation that Europe offers, but the middle of the range options are very good indeed. The one thing I noticed about the rooms in Canada is that they were much more spacious than those in Europe, you can get stuck in some tiny places if you choose to ski in France.


The People

Have you ever met a rude Canadian? I know I haven’t. Canadians are so welcoming and warm, the level of customer service is extremely high and you never have to worry about a language barrier if you choose Canada – I think this is a huge plus.

The Learning

The Canadian ski schools are famous for taking learners to the next level. With so many purpose built resorts, you will be in the perfect surroundings to improve your confidence and skill.

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10 things to do with kids in Las Vegas

When heading to Las Vegas, NV, with your family, it can be a great opportunity to bond with your children and spouse while seeing one of the most popular cities in the world. Not only will you get to see the glitz and famous attractions of Vegas, you’ll also be able to do it with those you love most. Although there is plenty to do for adults, it’s important to keep your children entertained in kid-friendly ways.

M&M world free show

1. Visit the M&M’s World

When going to Vegas, you can hit up the strip and allow your kids to have their fair share of candy by visiting the famous M&M’s World. Here, this two-story store offers dozens of colors of M&Ms with the option of creating your own bag to take home and enjoy. They also have plenty of M&M merchandise which includes purses, games, clothing, and souvenirs.

2. Ride the New York, New York Roller Coaster

Being a kid wouldn’t be the same without going on an exciting roller coaster. The New York, New York hotel has a thrilling roller coaster that wraps around its hotel right on the strip. There’s also a large arcade in the hotel to do afterwards.

3. Go to a Buffet

Treat your kids to an all you can eat buffet, which Vegas is known for! You’ll be able to spend as much time as you want eating the best seafood, prime rib, and dessert in town!

4. The Aquarium at Silverton

Although there is no water in sight in Las Vegas, you can still see the most beautiful and tropical fish under the sea at the aquarium at the Silverton Hotel. Here, the 117,000 gallon aquarium is fun for all ages!

5. Visit the Stratosphere

If your kids aren’t afraid of heights, you can visit the tallest observation tower in the world and be able to see incredible views at 1,149 feet high. If they’re even more brave, they can ride one of the roller coasters at the top!

6. See a Magic Show

If there’s one thing Las Vegas is famous for, it’s their magic shows. Take the kids to see an amazing performance on the strip. There are lots of shows on offer on the strip, maybe you would like to leave the kids with a babysitter and head out for some parent time. Look online for discounted tickets to the hottest shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

7. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas
If your kids want to see their favorite celebrities all in one place, you can take them to Madame Tussands Wax Museum for lifelike replicas of famous actors and musicians.

8. Circus Circus

Circus Circus is perhaps the most kid-friendly hotel in town! With it’s expansive arcade, fun pink architecture, and Adventuredome Theme Park, your kids will run out of time to experience everything.

9. Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The Mirage is the only hotel in Vegas to offer a Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Here, your kids will be able to see bottlenose dolphins and exotic animals firsthand.

10. Nevada Southern Railway

For a fun train ride, your family can ride on an authentic train that once carried cargo for the Hoover Dam.

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Checklist For Your Upcoming Trip to Vegas

Have you got a trip to Vegas coming up soon? If so then it is vital that you are well organized ahead of your trip in order to make the most of this wonderful experience. Vegas is chock-full of activities, experiences and adventures and the truth is that you could spend a month here and still not do them all. This is why the run-up to your trip is going to be important and if you get the planning right then you can ensure that your trip to this fascinating city is every bit as memorable as it should be. To help you get yourself prepped, here are some of the things which you should be considering.



Las Vegas is known for many things but above all others it is the entertainment on offer here that has helped the city become world famous. Every day there are a huge number of shows which you can go to see and they vary wildly in terms of themes and popularity. The reason for planning this ahead of time is so that you can enjoy a far better price than you would pay on the door and if you look online then you can get discounted tickets to the hottest shows on the Las Vegas strip. Take a look and see what shows are on offer during your time there and then hunt around for some of the best deals and secure your tickets before you leave.


Gambling in Vegas is a rite of passage which everyone must indulge in and if you aren’t someone who knows the ins and outs of a casino then it may help you a little to do a spot of research before you leave home. You don’t need to learn how to be an expert before you go of course but it does make sense to understand what casino games are going to be on offer how to play those games and of course, how to bet on those casino tables. You can find a wealth of information on sites like YouTube which have plenty of beginners guides to casinos. This will not only help you to feel more relaxed in the casino but it can also increase your chances of winning some cash!



This type of vacation is very different from a week in the sunshine and this is why it makes so much sense to get your schedule packed tightly and planned in advance. It may sound a little mundane to have your entire trip planned but a failure to do so when you go to somewhere like Vegas could very well mean that you will miss out on some great experiences. You should always leave some time in the schedule for exploring and for some ad-hoc adventures but in the main you should know where and when you are going on each day, so that you can maximize your fun in Fabulous Las Vegas!

Get excited, get organized then get out there and have the best time possible.

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9 Reasons To Visit The County of Cornwall

Are you looking for somewhere exciting in the UK to explore in 2019? Does a domestic holiday sound better than a foreign flight of fancy? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, Cornwall is the word that should be on the tip of your tongue. I have been a fan of Cornwall for many years and there is just something about this place which really sets the pulse racing. I can’t recommend Cornwall enough to people who are looking for a domestic break and you can even get some great offers on a Cornwall holiday park break. To convince you further that this is the place for you, here are 10 reasons to visit.



The beaches in Cornwall are incredibly beautiful and they also very often get a nice touch of warm weather so that you can fully enjoy them. Soft sand, miles upon miles of untouched beach and plenty of hidden away coves.


All across the coast you’ll run into lots of cute villages which have plenty to offer, from little bakeries to small fishing trawlers bringing home their lunch, Cornwall’s charm lies in these wonderful villages.


A trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without sampling these beautiful little parcels of joy. The Cornish pasty was born here, and it tastes the best right here in its home county.


Fine wines are all well and good but to really get the taste of Cornwall you need to try some traditional scrumpy cider, cloudy, strong and beautifully tasting. Ou’ll find lots of microbreweries selling their own cider, but be careful as they have a kick!

Coastal Trails

For me Cornwall is about getting away from it all and nowhere can you do that better than when walking along the rugged landscape by the water’s edge. There are miles of coastal trails to ramble across here in Cornwall.

The Minack

The Minack Theater is a beautiful place, an open-air amphitheater which is situated on a cliff, overlooking the English Channel. There are regular live theater shows on here and you can bring along your own drinks and snacks to enjoy the evening in style.


If you want to give surfing a try you only need to take a trip to Newquay, the home of British surfing and a place filled with surf schools and shops. Why not try and get your water wings and ride the waves in the heart of Cornwall ?


We think of Cornwall for its coast of course but there are also thousands of acres of dense woodland where you can camp, and find a huge array of adventures to be had. Mountain biking, hiking, high-wiring and archery are all activities which you can indulge in here in the forest.

The Locals

Warm, fun, friendly and always ready with a joke, the Cornish are very hospitable and welcoming people who love where they come from and will love you for coming to visit. During my time in the county the people have really made the difference.

If you wants somewhere great to stay in Cornwall, check out this place, I highly recommend it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park





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Cirque Du Soleil has become one of the most famous shows on the planet. It started with just a handful of performers but soon grew it to being the hottest ticket in town. If you’re in Vegas then you simply can’t afford to miss the Cirque Du Soleil show. Make sure you book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out.

Here are just some of the reasons why you have to catch this show the next time you’re in Vegas:

Every Show Is Unique

Each performance has amazing lighting, dazzling costumes and tricks that leave you breathless, there are so many reasons why you need to see the show. There’s a show out there for everyone, it could be watery world of ‘O’ of maybe you’d prefer the eroticism in ‘Zumanity.’ Every show is unique, but what is consistent in them all is the talent, level of choreography, the dangerous acrobatics and much more.

The Special Effects

The team of Cirque Du Soleil have taken the level of special effects to new heights, you can feast your eyes upon their magical talents in three different elements. You will be blown away by the fire in ‘Ka’ and awed by the floating pirate ship in ‘O.’ Make sure you don’t miss the surprises that these wizards have created for the world.

It’s Only Vegas

The shows, Ka, O, Zumanity, Mystere and Love can only be seen in Las Vegas. I am sure that you’ve heard of other performances in NYC, Orlando and other parts of the world – but the special experiences of these shows can only be found in Vegas. You might be in Sin City on holiday, passing through or maybe you live here – whatever the situation make sure you book a ticket and go home happy.

I guarantee that Cirque Du Soleil is a show that you really do not want to miss. It’s the most spectacular show I have ever seen and the critics agree, so book a ticket now!

Have you been lucky enough to watch Cirque Du Soleil? Please do share with all of us what you thought about the experience and if you would recommend it to the other readers here. Just put everything you would like to share in the comment section below, thanks for sharing guys!

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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

I have traveled extensively in recent years, racking up over 50 countries and my favourite of all that I have been to, is Sri Lanka. Set just off the tip of India, this beautiful country has so much to offer all kinds of different tourists, and I wanted to give you just a few reasons why I think that you ought to visit. If you are looking for somewhere exciting to travel to in 2018, here is just 7 reasons why I think that it should be Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka’s climate is definitely one of its most attractive features and if you are looking to escape the winter in search of sun, this is a great place to do so. The climate is not always searing heat however and you can find relief with some cool breezes up in the hills, and even a splash of rain from time to time.

Tea Trails

The Ceylon tea trails which you will find throughout the country make for an interesting tour, and one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Ceylon covers over 2000 square kilometres, giving you plenty of places to choose from.


Little is talked about the Sri Lankan beaches, something which is very surprising given that the beaches here are wonderful. The hottest beaches can be found in the south of the country, on what is known as the ‘Sri Lankan Riviera’. Many of these beaches are untouched and offer both beauty, and isolation.

Accommodation Choices

After some major investment in tourism infrastructure, the level of accommodation in the country now is very high, so too is the standard. Sri Lanka does not just offer luxury and boutique hotels, but also some spectacular villas. You will find plenty of villas in Sri Lanka which range in size, location and amenities that will fit in perfectly with your individual requirements. Staying in a villa gives you the chance to explore this great country, without losing those home comforts or luxury touches that you may be accustomed to.

Nicest People in the World

Many locals will be referred to as the ‘nicest ever’ be tourists and travellers, but rarely is this accurate. In my view however, especially in relation to the amount of countries that I have visited, the Sri Lankans really are the most welcoming and kind people that I have ever met.


As an avid surfer, I was somewhat surprised at the surf scene which I found here in Sri Lanka. Some are suggesting that Sri Lanka is where Bali was 20 years ago, on the verge of becoming one of the world’s hottest surf spots. There is such large variety of places to go surfing here, depending on your ability, and this is just another reason why you will fall in love with Sri Lanka.


I have been reliably informed that Sri Lanka is the best place in Asia for seeing wildlife, and I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of some of the incredible creatures. Here in Sri Lanka there is an abundance of elephants, leopards and huge array of birdlife too. There are National Parks throughout the country where you can see these incredible beasts first hand.

Why not try something new this year and head to the glorious country of Sri Lanka.

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Planning a road trip?

Planning a road trip? Getting out on the highway for some back road adventures can be an incredible vacation experience that will take you to places you never imagined you might see. On a good road trip, you’ll meet fascinating people, eat delicious regional foods, see breathtaking sights, and experience this country in ways you never have before. When things go wrong on a road trip, though, it can be pretty rough. You’re miles away from home, cut off from resources, and in unfamiliar territory. The last thing you want is for an exciting road trip to get mired in problems and complications, so take some time before you leave to sort things out and fully prepare yourself. That’s the best way to make sure you have a great trip that everybody will enjoy! Here are few things to keep in mind as you’re planning your trip.


  1. Get your car serviced first


Take your car to the shop before you leave to have your tires, oil, filters, cables, and everything else that might break down checked out. If everything looks good, then you’ve got less reason to worry about car trouble derailing your trip. Make sure you have a spare tire with you too!


  1. Line up some roadside assistance


Your insurance company might offer roadside assistance coverage, or you can get it from an auto club like AAA. This way, if you do have a breakdown, you won’t have to worry about who to call to come to your rescue.


  1. Wander, but don’t get lost


Exploring back roads and out of the way places can be among the most memorable parts of a road trip, but make sure you check the map and find “escape routes” to get you back on major roads in case any issues come up while you’re out in the boonies.


  1. Clean before you go


Starting the trip with a freshly cleaned car, free of junk and trash, will make everybody enjoy the first leg of their trip a little better. Don’t forget to clean as you go, too!


  1. Make sure the kids are all right


If you’re traveling with young children, make sure they have plenty of snacks, toys, books, and other things to keep them occupied on long drives, and that they can reach them without needing the driver’s help. Also, make sure any very young children are riding in properly installed car seats!


  1. Rest often


Don’t be in a rush to get from place to place. Rest when you need to, nap if you have to, and stretch your legs when you can. Everybody will be happier, more comfortable, and get along better if they aren’t stuck in the car for too long at any given time.


  1. Make memories


Give everybody a camera, take lots of pictures, let everybody pick some random interesting places to stop, and remember to have fun! Road trips can be tiring and stressful, so don’t forget to stay positive and make sure everybody has a chance to enjoy themselves.

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4 Must-Visit Sites in Lisbon


Vibrant, cultural, and with a rich history, Lisbon has all it takes to attract visitors. It’s easily accessible and located only a few hours away from any given European capital, making it the perfect destination for an action-packed city break. If your time is restricted, though, you’re better off planning ahead because the city offers an abundance of things to see and do. To make your selection process easier, we have listed our top 4 picks of must-visit sites in Lisbon.

1.      Jerónimos Monastery


The 500-year-old Jerónimos Monastery is an architectural masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage monument located in the riverside suburb of Belém. The monastery and church were built to honor the great Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama who was the first European to have reached India by sea. Upon da Gama’s triumphant return from the Far East, King Manuel I, with the help of a myriad of architects, begun constructing the stunning Late Gothic monastery we are still able to admire today. Construction took nearly a century to complete but once finished, it became the archetype of Portugal’s Age of Discovery.

The main attraction here is the highly ornate Gothic chapel leading to the monastery, which also serves as the final resting place to some of Portugal’s greatest historical figures, including that of da Gama. This sumptuous piece of history and architecture is without doubt Lisbon’s number one heart-stealer.

2. Belém Tower

This charming little fort was constructed to guard Lisbon from intruders from the sea. The lower and middle levels served as a prison an armory, while the top floors were royal residences. Although its role was mainly to protect, the tower was lavished with stunning architectural details that are best viewed from the banks of the Rio Tejo river. Definitely worth a look-see!

3. The Chapel of St. John the Baptist, Igreja de São Roque

From the outside, the Igreja de São Roque is remarkably plain – its simple sand-coloured facade towering over a small town square is hardly anything to write home about. The interior, on the other hand, is nothing short of impressive.

The Chapel of St. John the Baptist that sits within this late 16th century church is, in fact, the world’s most expensive chapel. With stunning inlays, mosaic panels and precious stones covering the entire chapel, it’s considered to be a masterpiece unique in European art. The chapel also holds an important part in the history of architecture as it introduced the rococo style into Portuguese architecture. In addition to its impressive decor, the chapel also has a rich collection of religious liturgical ornaments, vestments and documentation that can be viewed at the Museum of São Roque just next door to the church.

4. Berardo Museum


The Berardo Museum is a must-see for art lovers. Located in the cultural center of Belém, it features stunning permanent displays of some of the world’s best modern and contemporary art. The Berardo Collection Museum contains a truly impressive collection of over a thousand pieces, including work of artists such as Dalí, Warhol, Miró and Lichtenstein. In addition to the remarkable permanent collection, the museum also offers a wide range of fantastic temporary exhibitions. Even better, admission to the museum is free.

89This is a guest post sponsored by the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon and written by Steve Ewins. An avid traveller who has visited more than 80 countries.



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Corinthia Hotels 50% Off Annual Sale Is Here!

No, I’m not kidding. Corinthia Hotels is back with their fantastic annual sale so if you are thinking about booking your next European getaway, look no more.

If there is one chain of hotels in Europe that never fails to deliver a sense of luxury and divine comfort to its guests, it has to be Corinthia Hotels. Their hotel locations are in some of the most spectacular European cities and each one of them has it’s own unique look to it and impeccable hospitality. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Corinthia Hotels will provide you with a stay to remember.

Now, I want to show you how you can score a room for less than $100 in one of their fabulous five-star hotels.


Once you have your favorite Corinthia location figured out, head over to and book your stay online, because like that you will be eligible for 50% off on all hotel rooms in most of our favorite European destinations (Corinthia Hotel London is the only exception, offering 30% off)! If you are still not convinced (which I cannot see why you wouldn’t be!), as part of this offer, Corinthia is also promising complimentary room upgrades, extended check-outs, and discounts in its restaurants and bars, available exclusively through their website.

Below are the starting prices of each of Corinthia Hotels’ gorgeous destinations for 2017:

  • Corinthia Budapest: Rates start from €145 per room per night
  • Corinthia St George’s Bay (Malta): Rates start from €100 per room per night
  • Corinthia Lisbon: Rates start from €80 per room per night
  • Corinthia London: Rates starting from £495 per room per night
  • Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa (Malta): Rates start from €90 per room per night
  • Corinthia Prague: Rates start from €85 per room per night
  • Corinthia St Petersburg: Rates start from 4975 RUB per room per night

Don’t hold your thought for too long though as the discounted prices are only available until 28th February 2017. However, as long as you complete your booking on time, the timing of your stay can be anytime this year – until 31st December 2017. Visit for Terms and Conditions and other important information about the offer

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Things I Love To Do: Antarctica


There is no question that you are curious about visiting Antarctica and you probably wouldn’t be browsing this blog post if you weren’t. Antarctica Travel is one of the best things that I have ever done in my entire life and I wanted to talk more about some of the fun things that you can actually do there. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading about the things that I love doing in Antarctica.


One of the best things about Antarctica travel and visiting this frozen content is the kayaking and it is even more special because it is in one of the most unique places on earth. What I love about doing this is that you get to see Antarctica from sea level and then you start to get an idea of how big things actually are. Icebergs are one great example of this and kayaking in out of the ice and icebergs is such a cool experience. Kayaks also allowed me to get up close and personal with different kinds of animals like seals and penguins that were resting on the rocks.

Jumping in

This idea is not for the faint of heart because it is going to involve getting quite cold. The idea is at it suggests taking a dip in the sub zero waters of Antarctica. Once you survive this, you have the ultimate bragging rights. Nobody is going to be able to top your feat. Ever.


One thing that I tended to notice about Antarctica and the cruises there is that a lot of companies won’t let you off the ship. Well I was lucky enough to be on one that did and the best part was actually getting to sleep on the Antarctic mainland! This may not be the most comfortable experience of your life, but it is something that very few people will ever say they have done.

Take a Zodiac tour

A Zodiac is a small rubber boat that is named after the brand itself and is a great way to experience the Antarctic seascape. Just like kayaking you get to see things from sea level and you get to see the massive scale of the ice around you. It’s also a great way to interact with wildlife that may be hiding away on a piece of ice. This is always a great change up when you spend most of your time on the cruise ship itself.

Send a letter

Yes, it is actually possible to send a letter from Port Lockroy. Of course, the mail will be very slow to reach its final destination, but imagine the surprise of somebody when they receive a letter with a postmark from Antarctica! Port Lockroy is an English research station and you tend to meet other tour groups here, so it is a great chance to share your experiences with these people.


Penguins are without a doubt my favourite animal when it comes to visiting Antarctica. They are so cute and you could simply watch them all day. They are also quite curious creatures, especially when they live on the most isolated place on earth, and they will approach you to inspect you more closely. They also love playing, which is something that is great to watch. There are few other places on earth where you can do this.

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