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5 Reasons To Ski In Canada

Whistler ski holidays are becoming increasingly popular and so are ski holidays throughout Canada. There are plenty of countries around the world which offer superb skiing opportunities but I think that Canada is head and shoulder above the rest. 

 If you haven’t been lucky enough to enjoy a skiing holiday in Canada yet, here are 5 reasons to ski in Canada.

The Snow

The number thing you need on a ski holiday is snow, without it you’re going nowhere fast. Canada is blessed with some arguably the most reliable snow fall in the world, of course you will get a bad year every now and then but they are very rare. The locals told me that you can go with the rule 1 in 10 for bad seasons, whereas with Europe you could see 1 in 5 – so Canada have got it good.

The Choice

Have you looked at Canada on a world map recently? The place is enormous and there are loads of resorts of different sizes for you to choose from. Most foreign visitors head to the west of the country, this area is home to Alberta and British Columbia where the more famous resorts can be found.


There are resorts specifically designed for the level of skiers who will visit. The best places for families and learners are Sun Peaks and Silver Star – the resorts might not be as big as others or provide a stiff challenge but that’s because they’ve been purpose built.

The thrill seekers will head to Whistler to test themselves on a seemingly never ending amount of runs. Here you will have the option to try going off piste into some of the best powder you’ll ever get to ski.

The Accommodation

I must admit that Canada might not be able to compete with the highest level accommodation that Europe offers, but the middle of the range options are very good indeed. The one thing I noticed about the rooms in Canada is that they were much more spacious than those in Europe, you can get stuck in some tiny places if you choose to ski in France.


The People

Have you ever met a rude Canadian? I know I haven’t. Canadians are so welcoming and warm, the level of customer service is extremely high and you never have to worry about a language barrier if you choose Canada – I think this is a huge plus.

The Learning

The Canadian ski schools are famous for taking learners to the next level. With so many purpose built resorts, you will be in the perfect surroundings to improve your confidence and skill.

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