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The Other Side of A Cancun Holiday

Cancun is one of those vacation spots where you just can’t go wrong. From watersports to beach time, exciting nightlife and exploring the Mayan culture, there’s something here to make everyone’s holiday amazing. Travelbag’s Cancun Holidays is the perfect starting point for inspiring your trip. But while you could indulge in the typical shopping, sunbathing and resort life on Cancun, you could also go for something a little different! So why not get on the other side of a Cancun holiday? Travelbag’s Cancun holidays has everything you need to prepare for a fun and unique experience in this gorgeous destination:

Get Tipsy at the Tequila Museum

Obviously it’s not a holiday in Mexico without some tequila beverages to lighten the mood. But why not take it a step further and really learn about the stuff at the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum. On an hour and twenty minute tour, you’ll learn the history of the local tequila, the distilling process, and even the best drinking etiquette. Good thing nobody’s driving!


Explore the Underwater Museum

A completely different kind of water experience takes you beneath the sea to experience an art installation that doubles as an ecological benefit. The eco-sculptor who created the 450 statues that are on display underwater intended for them to help promote new coral growth and divert divers from the fragile reefs nearby. It’s totally unique, so get scuba trained so you can dive down and check it out! You can always throw on some snorkeling gear and dive right down as well.

 Check Out the Turtle Hatchery

After a few days of beach bumming and hanging around the touristy areas, you’re bound to be craving an escape from the crowds. Head to the turtle hatchery for a random afternoon of hanging out with the little guys! You’ll get up close and personal with all sorts of turtles, and it’s super cheap to get in. Where else do you have the chance to see a baby turtle? And all proceeds go towards helping the animals, so you can feel good about a good cause.

Strap on a Jetpack

This insane new “watersport” is relatively new and super crazy. You literally strap on a jetpack, undergo a brief training and then you’re taking off like a rocket, able to fly over the ocean for several minutes at a time using the power of the water. If you’re into really new and crazy things, you absolutely have to check this out! Cancun is the perfect place to do it, with its insanely gorgeous waters.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Travelbag.

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