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Pizza – a dish for every taste

When you travel to any destination across the globe, there is an extremely high possibility that you will find some kind of Pizza restaurant. Although it is a type of food that is traditionally associated with Italy, you will often find that every region will apply its own unique ‘twist’ to a pizza – this is something that is made possible by the amount of different topping combinations that can be added to a simple crust. Some restaurants will even create a sweet dish out of pizza – using chocolate sauce, marshmallows and other items of confectionary.

When you take a trip to Italy, you will realise that even Calzone (rolled, stuffed pizza) is remarkably different. While an American or British Calzone will be entirely plain on the outside, an Italian Calzone will have extra topping added to the top of the dish. If you think that ‘overstuffing’ is an activity that is only reserved for American diners, you may be surprised to know that many Italian pizzerias take great pride in stretching their Calzone to the absolute limit before adding more to the top of the completed pizza.

When looking at the actual outer crust of any pizza, this is also an area that has given people a huge amount of creativity. The idea of a simple ‘Stuffed Crust’ is relatively old-fashioned, as these have now evolved beyond inserting a simple strip of cheese. Some restaurants now prefer to take an extremely long hot dog, and roll it into the entire crust perimeter. Garlic-based products have also become a popular choice for stuffing, and some take-out outlets have experimented with inserting mini hamburgers as well. This shows that there is more to a pizza than the regular toppings.

From country to country, the range of available pizza toppings can vary greatly, and this creates an extremely diverse dining experience. When travelling on a layover, a pizza can be a quick and convenient dining option and so it always makes sense to carry your credit card when heading out for something to eat. You may want to apply for a credit card (?????)  if you haven’t got one just in case of an emergency. There are plenty of online credit card providers, do your research, compare cards (?????) and choose the one that is best suited for you.

 Cheese lovers may wish to take a trip to South Korea????, where it is possible to order a three-layer triple cheese pizza. This dairy-based feast includes a generous helping of Cheddar, Camembert and Emmental, along with a choice of traditional pizza toppings that can be added. This Asian nation has now developed a tradition for bizarre pizza ingredients, and they have also invented the ‘Mizza’ – a healthier option that replaces the traditional crust with a layer of rice. Other possibilities in this region include a crust that has been filled with sweet potato mousse, as well as a cookie crust pizza that may appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Although cheese is a major component of any pizza, it is also possible to enjoy this classic dish without a single shred of it. Alternatives to cheese include cooking eggs as a topping, and you can also enjoy a dairy-free topping that is mainly tomato. This is the fundamental benefit of pizza – it is one of the most flexible dishes in the world that can be adapted to all tastes and dietary requirements. Most supermarkets even have the bases ready-made for you, allowing you to jump straight into the creative stage.


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