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Cancun’s Best Bits!

As one of the more popular choices for Spring Breakers as their holiday destination of choice, Cancun is often tarred with the “wet t-shirt competitions and wasted college students” brush. In recent years, it has been struggling to shake off this rather negative reputation, and is now doing its best to attract travellers of all ages and backgrounds.

Cancun is now known for its award winning restaurant cuisine, as well as its beautiful beaches and gorgeously warm ocean waters. Get yourselves down to the Yucatan Peninsula to experience some (or all!) of Cancun’s best bits.

The Best Restaurant – La Habichuela

As far as architecture goes, Cancun is well-known around the world for its stunning Central American style. La Habichuela takes this as its starting point and adds a bit of extra Mayan flair, making it a memorable place in which to eat.

Luckily, the food there is fantastic too! It takes its name from its signature bean, the habichuela, and as such you should make sure to try the cream of habichuela soup! You should wash it down with the house special cocktail, made with Xtabentún – a liqueur made from anise seed and fermented honey. Did we mention it’s an aphrodisiac?

The Best Museum –Museo Maya de Cancún

In the hotel zone you will find the newly built Museum of Mayan Culture, complete with a massive archaeological site for you to explore. It opened towards the end of last year, despite all the buzz around the rumoured Mayan predictions of the end of the world, and luckily we’re all still around to appreciate it!

It took six years to build, but it was worth the wait – you can see the remains of the Woman of the Palms, a 14,000 year old skeleton discovered nearby, in one of the three major exhibits. In the Sala Maya you can study all sorts of incredible Mayan architecture and art.

The Best Gallery – MUSA

MUSA (MuseoSubacuatico de Arte – the Underwater Museum of Art) is, believe it or not, an art gallery beneath the waves. Founded by Jaime Gonzalez Cano, the gallery features more than four hundred life-sized sculptures made out of pH neutral clay by the renowned English artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

You won’t see anything like this anywhere else in the world, so book your flights to Cancun now and strap on your scuba diving gear! Diving down deep, you will see these amazing sculptures take on a life of their own – they were designed to attract the retreating coral back to Cancun.

The statues are being slowly covered, turning into a unique coral reef. “The Dream Collector” is one of the most striking pieces, but the one that leaves the fondest impression is the replica Volkswagen Beetle – truly something that has to be seen to be believed!

Whatever type of holiday you’re after, you’re sure to find it down in Cancun. Avoid the Spring Breakers and you’ll have a great and relaxing time exploring the Mexican landscape.

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Holidaying In Algarve

Portugal remains one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations, with perhaps the most prestigious of them all in this beautiful country being the Algarve.  Boasting beautiful beaches, fantastic temperatures, relaxing resorts and picturesque towns and ocean-front vistas, Algarve is a traveler’s one-stop shop for partying and paradise.

There’s more to do in Algarve than simply laze around on one of its several golden-sanded beaches, however.  If you’re planning on hitting up Algarve for your next holiday and are looking for things to do, then here are the places to go.


Lagos is the place to be if you seek a thriving nightlife with fine cuisine and interesting locals.  As many people say, Lagos is the “carnival queen” of the Algarve region and has something to offer anyone from its characteristic cobbled streets.


This quaint town is for those who are seeking a bit of a quieter holiday that has less of a partying atmosphere.  Featuring fine views of a steep and wooded countryside, Monchique is a top choice for travelers who seek relaxation and who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of towns like Lagos.


This ancient city that’s set along a peaceful river is another hot destination for anyone who’s seeking a relaxing and laid-back vacation.  This area is perhaps amongst the oldest in all of Portugal, with its history dating all the back to the Roman times.


If you’re going for the “real” Portuguese experience, then Faro is the place to go.  Featured in the area is a medieval quarter that treats visitors to a taste of what ancient Portugal was like several centuries ago.

But if checking out Portugal’s history isn’t you thing, one thing about Faro’s for sure: golfing is the most popular sport in this town.  You can find a ton of different courses crafted by some of the world’s most popular golfers, such as:

  • Monte Rei (Jack Nicklaus)
  • Oceanico Faldo (Nick Faldo)
  • Oceanico Victoria (Arnold Palmer)
  • Oceanico Pinha and Oceanico Old Course (Frank Pennink)
  • Vila Sol (Donald Steel)
  • Vale de Lobo Ocean & Royal (Henry Cotton)

Sagres And Carrapateira

Should water sports and surfing be your thing, then Sagres or Carrapateira are definitely the places to go.  Located out on the west coast of Portugal, these fun-loving towns are charming and filled with laid-back locals who are sure to show you a good time.


Located on the Western seaboard of Portugal, Portimao is yet another golfer’s dream get away located in Portugal.  Not only will you be able to find beautiful beaches resting along the banks of the Arade river, but you’ll be able to golf on a number of some of the world’s most popular golf courses, such as:

  • Morgado (European Golf Design)
  • Onyria Palmares (Frank Pennick & Trent Jones, Jr.)
  • Penina (Henry Cotton)
  • Pestana/Gramacho (Ronald Fream)
  • Pestana/Vale de Pinta (Ronald Fream)

You can read the reviews and ratings of the Algarve golf courses here. If you’re interested in going to Algarve solely for the golf, then we live in a world of specialist golf holidaymakers, like Golf Kings – so have a look at the site if your idea of a holiday to Algarve is just golf, golf and more golf.

Algarve is stunning and is more than deserving of the attention it has had in recent years. Whatever you do once you’re there, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Happy travels.

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